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Pilot sends India vs South Africa score update to passenger onboard flight. See heartwarming post

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A post with a piece of tissue paper was shared on Twitter by Vikram Garga. For him, however, it wasn’t just any tissue paper. On it was a note with the score update from the Sunday match between South Africa and India. Actually, when the update was requested mid-flight, the pilot sent it.

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“Despite today’s defeat, @IndiGo6E won my affection. In response to a request for a score update, the pilot sent a note. #momentsthatmatter, “reads the post’s caption.

Since being shared, Vikram Garga’s tweet has received 975 likes and more than 115 retweets. Internet users praised the IndiGo pilot for the admirable deed and dubbed it epic. Others noticed that kind acts performed on aeroplanes go unnoticed on social media. Negative events, however, are amplified. Vikram Garga tweeted, and IndiGo responded. “Hello,” the airline said. We appreciate this. We hope to have you back on board very soon.


Regardless, disappointment aside, this one demonstrates the “crazy madness” to which some fans will go in order to learn the latest information, especially the Score!