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Passenger Puts Razor Blade To Woman’s Neck On JetBlue Flight

A Drunk Passenger was arrested for holding a razor blade to a woman’s neck

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An drunken passenger on a JetBlue aircraft from New York JFK to Salt Lake City allegedly brought a two-inch cut-throat razor close to a woman’s neck, seemingly just because she decided to stop talking to him and instead she start watching a movie on the plane’s in-flight entertainment system.

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Following the horrifying event on Tuesday morning, Merrill Darrell Fackrell of Utah has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and carrying a concealed dangerous weapon inside an aircraft.

On JetBlue flight B6-871, Fackrell was seated in a window seat in row six next to a woman who was occupying the middle seat, and her husband, who was occupying the aisle seat. Despite being aware that Fackrell appeared to be talking to himself, the woman put on some headphones and attempted to watch a movie on her seatback TV.


But suddenly Fackrell put his hand over her screen and commanded her to stop the video. She realised at this point that Fackrell was holding a blade just inches from her throat before he jumped and yelled, “She’s going to be ok,” and “no one needs to worry.” The woman’s husband stood up to tell a flight attendant what was going on. Fackrell attempted to grip her shoulder as the woman pushed toward the aisle.

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Investigators say the woman “lunged” to safety into the aisle, managing to pull away from Frackell as he grabbed her shoulder to stop her from escaping. She then ran towards the front of the plane, while another passenger sitting on the opposite side of the aisle confronted Frackell and managed to disarm him without any further incident.

A fellow passenger on the plane recorded a video of Fackrell being escorted out by police after landing.