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Pakistan Boeing 777 aircraft returned to Islamabad by Malaysian authorities

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Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) effectively resolved the issue with its Boeing 777 aircraft, which was being held in Kuala Lumpur by Malaysian authorities. The plane was freed a few hours later and arrived in Islamabad late Monday night, according to a PIA official. According to the spokesperson the issue was handled through diplomatic channels.

Recently, Malaysia seizing Pakistan Airlines-PIA aircraft at Kuala Lumpur airport over a lease dispute. This is the second time, a Boeing 777 aircraft which had been acquired by PIA on lease from Malaysia, being seized due to unpaid dues of $4 million. A local Malaysian court issued the order to take the national carrier’s aircraft because $4 million was unpaid..


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A PIA plane has been impounded at the same location twice. It used to be stopped from taking off when the passengers boarded the aircraft. To ensure payment of the debt and obtain approval for the flight, Pakistan employed diplomatic channels at the time.


Following the incident, PIA filed a lawsuit and sent an attorney to Malaysia’s court to represent it. The spokesperson acknowledged that the court is still deliberating on the issue.

It’s important to remember that PIA had already planned to fly the passengers from the impacted flight home on a different aircraft. The aircraft will soon return home to resume its commercial trips, the company had previously declared.