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no direct flights from india to china connecting flights yet to be banned

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The majority of coronavirus outbreaks in India have international origins rather than domestic spread. The bulk of persons affected since the infection was initially discovered in India on January 30 had a travel history to nations including Italy, China, and Iran.

China is once more in fear as a result of recent coronavirus cases. China is reportedly dealing with the first of three possible waves of Covid infection this winter, according to a top Chinese health official. The country has seen a rise in Covid cases after the most stringent restrictions (the Covid Ban) were lifted earlier this month.


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Due to a lack of Covid-19 tests, cases have increased. The report states that 800 million individuals in China could contract the disease during the coming months. A massive surge in Covid cases in China is predicted to cause more over one million deaths in 2023, according to the analysis. The second wave of corona infections is anticipated to start around January 21, according to experts, while the current wave will remain until mid-January.


The Indian Medical Association has issued a warning, advising citizens to adopt COVID-appropriate behaviour with immediate effect, as the Center holds a high-level meeting in response to the Covid rise in China.  Following the COVID fear in China, PM Modi has scheduled a meeting on Thursday to evaluate the COVID situation and its related elements in the nation. Due to the new strain of the Omicron form of the coronavirus, China has been suffering from the deadly Covid wave for the past few weeks.

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In the previous six months, India has reported four instances of the BF.7 Omicron sub-variant, the same strain that is causing China’s current outbreak. There are currently ten different varieties of Covid-19 in the country, the most recent being BF.7.

As coronavirus cases in China continue to rise, official sources told ANI news agency that no decision has been made to halt flights to and from China. On Wednesday, numerous opposition leaders and medical experts requested the Central Government to halt all international flights from China in order to avoid a Covid outbreak in India.


According to government sources, a decision about the suspension of flights to and from China has not yet been taken. Although there are no direct flights between China and India or between India and China, as of right moment, no such order has been issued to suspend connecting flights to India that are arriving via China. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) will make the final decision; the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) would only act as an executing ministry, according to government sources quoted by ANI.