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Russia bans Pakistan’s flight to Toronto from using its airspace due to unpaid fees


According to Zee news report Due to unpaid debts, Russia banned a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight with a destination of Toronto from using its airspace. According to 24 NewsHD TV, the “embarrassing” incident took place on June 17 when a PIA flight to Toronto was refused permission to cross Russian territory. The aircraft, which was sent back to Karachi, carried 250 passengers. Later, it was flown through Europe to reach in Canada the same day.

A PIA official downplayed the situation after pointing out the public embarrassment over Russia’s refusal to permit flight across its airspace despite economic collapse “Due to international sanctions, Russia is having trouble receiving overflight payments. The PIA is compelled to choose a different path.” After refuelling in Karachi, the jet travelled nonstop for 17 hours via Iran, Turkey, and Europe before landing in Toronto.


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As it makes its route from Islamabad to Toronto, the PIA flight will pass through Iran, Turkey, and Europe.” For the 17-hour nonstop journey, the aircraft will be refuelled in Karachi, he had noted. Investigative reporter Mubasher Lucman provided more specifics about the situation on Twitter, writing: “The PIA flight from Islamabad to Toronto is delayed because the Russian government wants PIA to pay off all outstanding debts.


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Europe is a potential detour, but that presents its own challenges. To keep planes operating normally over the next two hours, PIA must take action. Social media users are currently inquiring about the origins of this “embarrassing predicament” with the Pakistani government.


Courtesy : Zee News 


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