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How much safe IATA Travel Pass is?

IATA travel pass

COVID-19 is revolutionizing the way we fly. When it comes to when and how we fly, testing and vaccination protocols can play a bigger role. To resolve this issue, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) developed the IATA travel pass, a one-stop-shop for travelers to confirm that they fulfill the COVID-19 health criteria for their trip in a safe and comfortable manner.

What is IATA Travel Pass:

The app allows you to create a protected digital version of your passport on your smartphone, you may then add your flight details after linking your covid test or proof of vaccination with your confirmed identity.


How IATA Pass works:

The app will inform you of any necessary travel or health requirements for your destination. Timatic, the industry’s most reliable source for global travel regulations provides the information. It will give you a list of checked health centers near your departure point if you need a test. Your digital id will be verified using your physical passport, allowing the lab to deliver test results to your mobile device in a safe manner. You’ll be able to upload the results to the app after governments issue digital vaccination certificates.

You will get a confirmation signal to travel if you fulfill the health criteria for your flight, and you will be ready to board. Both of your details will be encrypted and stored on your phone whether you share your status with the airline or border authority before traveling or reveal it to them while traveling. This means the app’s digital id will not be kept in a central database, only you will have access to it.


How IATA Pass helps traveling:

IATA pass will open the path for a world in which travel will be much more contactless and The IATA travel pass can be used as a virtual passport. It is a safe and user-friendly solution that passengers, airlines, and authorities can rely on, whether used alone or as part of an airline’s software. The IATA travel pass provides you with stability in an unpredictable environment, allowing you to reconnect with family and friends, attend an important business conference, or take a much-needed vacation to reconnect with the world and everything it has to offer.

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