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Man Claims Wife’s Flight Got Delayed Because Pilot Was ‘Tired’.

IndiGo IndiGo launches direct flight from Bengaluru to Balidaily direct flights between Hyderabad-Bangkok

On Sunday, July 2, an Indigo flight from Dehradun to Chennai was brought to light when a man claimed that his wife’s flight was delayed for more than three hours due to the pilot’s tiredness. Sameer Mohan shared screenshots of his wife’s WhatsApp conversation in a Twitter thread, in which she explained what was going on during the flight. After the tweets gained attention on social media, the airline responded to Mr Mohan, saying they were working to get the passengers to their destination “as soon as possible.”

IndiGo commenced flights from Pune &Dehradun(Opens in a new browser tab)


Sharing screenshots of a conversation with his wife, On Twitter. “Dear @IndiGo6E my wife’s on a flight that has been delayed for 3+ hours now and is now been going to Delhi. If this is how you’re gonna treat regulars then god bless. This is not done,” he said in a tweet, while also tagging Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia.

Ketharinath Kamalanathan, another passenger, shared a video from inside the plane. He further stated that “pilots parked the flight and walked off” after landing in Delhi. The crew has no information and is also exhausted. Too poor situation handling by IndiGo.”


IndiGo later responded to his tweet. “Mr Mohan, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the unexpected flight delay.” Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated. Rest assured, we’re actively working to get the passengers to their destination at the earliest,” the airline said.