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In the Pilot’s Seat: Little Aviator’s Dream Come True in the Cockpit

In the Pilot's Seat: Little Aviator's Dream Come True in the Cockpit

A cute little boy became famous when a video of him sitting in the pilot’s seat and enjoying the view from the cockpit went viral.

During one of the flights to Mexico, a very kind pilot welcomed the little boy to see his workplace, which was the cockpit of an Airbus plane. The pilot helped the kid sit properly in the pilot’s seat and adjusted it for him.

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The pilot then explained some airplane things like the throttle and landing gear, but it all seemed like a magical world to the small child.


Later on, the pilot turned on the cockpit switch lights, which looked really amazing. The way the pilot acted was heartwarming, and it made the child’s mother very happy and surprised.

Even in the busy moments of the flight, the pilot continued to be kind and caring, which is a wonderful example of goodness.

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All in all, the little boy had an incredible experience on the flight, which will surely be a cherished memory for the rest of his life.


Some of the twitter user wrote ” What might be a quick moment for you could be the start of a lifetime for a young kid ”

” WoW just wonderful, his little face bless him ” Great job captain. All it takes is one experience like this, and you’ve created a new aviator for life. ”



Sneak Peek Inside the Qatar Airways’ Qsuite Next Gen at Farnborough Airshow

Sneak Peek Inside the Qatar Airways' Qsuite Next Gen at Farnborough Airshow

As the Farnborough International Airshow 2024 unfolds, one of the most anticipated highlights has arrived: Qatar Airways’ unveiling of its Innovative Qsuite Next Gen.

This preview offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future of luxury travel, showcasing the next evolution of Qatar Airways’ renowned Qsuite. Known for setting the standard in premium cabin experiences, the new Qsuite promises to redefine business class comfort with cutting-edge design and technology.

Building on the success of its pioneering Qsuite, which redefined business class with its door-equipped suites, Qatar Airways’ new generation of Qsuite is poised to elevate the standard even further.

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The original Qsuite revolutionized long-haul travel by introducing a business class seat with a door, making privacy and comfort a new standard in the industry. Now, with the Qsuite Next Gen,



A standout feature of the Qsuite Next Gen is its redesigned Quad Suite, which is equipped with movable 4K OLED Panasonic Astrova IFE screens—a world-first for any airline. These state-of-the-art screens can be repositioned to the side, creating the largest social and productivity space in the sky.

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This setup allows for up to four passengers to enjoy a spacious and flexible environment in the Quad Suite, while the Companion Suite accommodates up to two passengers.

The Qsuite Next Gen will be introduced on Qatar Airways’ Boeing B777-9 aircraft starting in 2025. This new suite configuration not only includes innovative window dual suites but also features a unique combination of quad, duo, and companion suites, each designed with the latest technologies for increased passenger convenience and connectivity.

Customization options are abundant, with enhanced ambient lighting, privacy controls, and upgraded touchscreen Passenger Control Units that offer a more personalized experience.

One notable change in the Qsuite Next Gen is the integration of the TV screens into the suite’s barrier system. Instead of traditional dividers that need to be lowered, these screens serve as part of the barrier and can be folded away when not in use.

However, Qatar Airways has confirmed that these advanced seats will not be retrofitted onto older aircraft. As Qatar Airways continues to evolve its fleet, the airline is focusing on reducing the number of non-Qatar-branded leased aircraft and phasing out the oldest models.

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With the Airbus A350 back in service and a commitment to modernizing its fleet, Qatar Airways is well-positioned to enhance its business class offering and deliver an unparalleled travel experience.

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