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Jet Airways Scare: One Pilot ‘Asleep’, Other on Wrong Frequency

Jet Airways

A week after a Jet Airways Mumbai-London flight, carrying 330 passengers and 15 crew members, went off the radar for a brief period over Cologne, investigations have reportedly revealed that one of the pilot was asleep, while the other was on the wrong frequency, at the time of mid-flight scare. According to a report published by Times of India, sources have informed that one of the pilots of 9W 118 flight was taking “controlled rest”, while the other was tuned into a wrong frequency and had kept his headset volume to lower levels. The Indian Express could not independently verify the same.

The report says that because of the wrong frequency and lower headset volume levels, the German air traffic control (ATC) was unable to contact the second pilot after the plane went off the radar. “This issue is being probed by the airline and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. At this stage we will not be able to say anything else,” a Jet Airways official was quoted by Times of India.

The report also says that crew of another Jet Airways flight (Delhi-London 9W 122) was contacted by German ATC, which came to its rescue. The 9W 122 flight crew contacted flight operations in India, who used a satellite phone to contact the pilots of 9W 118. The German ATC were then alerted by the flight operations to head back as the situation came under control, Times of India report said.

The flight, 9A-118 went off the radar and was reportedly out of contact for 15 minutes. After failing to get in touch with the plane, German Air Force had sent two Eurofighter Typhoons to intercept the flight. But by the time, the fighter jets took off, the contact was restored, the officials said.


“Contact between Jet Airways flight 9W 118, from Mumbai to London’s Heathrow Airport and the local ATC, was briefly lost while flying over German airspace. Communication was safely restored within a few minutes. As a precaution, the German Air Force deployed its aircraft to ensure the safety of the flight and its guests. The flight with 330 guests and 15 crew subsequently landed at London,” a statement issued by Jet Airways had said after the mid-air scare.


Courtesy:The Indian Express



Alaska Airlines Acquisition of Hawaiian Airlines Reshapes the Air Travel Landscape

Alaska Airlines' Acquisition of Hawaiian Airlines Reshapes the Air Travel Landscape

Alaska Air Group, Inc. (NYSE: ALK) and Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: HA) jointly announced today the execution of a definitive agreement, signifying Alaska Airlines’ acquisition of Hawaiian Airlines at a cash price of $18.00 per share. The total transaction value stands at approximately $1.9 billion, encompassing Hawaiian Airlines’ net debt of $0.9 billion.

The combination of complementary domestic, international, and cargo networks

This strategic union is poised to open up an array of additional destinations, providing consumers with increased choices in crucial air service options across the Pacific region, Continental United States, and globally.

The transaction is anticipated to establish a robust platform for growth and competition in the U.S., offering enduring employment opportunities, ongoing community investments, and a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Key Points:

  1. Acquisition Overview:
    • Alaska Air Group to acquire Hawaiian Holdings for $18.00 per share in an all-cash transaction, totaling approximately $1.9 billion.
    • Combined company aims to maintain the strong, high-quality brands of Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines.
  2. Fleet Expansion and Network Reach:
    • Creates the fifth-largest U.S. airline with a fleet of 365 narrow and wide-body airplanes.
    • Enables access to 138 destinations through combined networks and over 1,200 destinations via the oneworld Alliance.
  3. Hub Development and Connectivity:
    • Honolulu to become a key hub for the combined airline, offering expanded services to the Continental U.S., Asia, and the Pacific.
    • Tripling the number of destinations from Hawai‘i to North America, while maintaining robust Neighbor Island service.
  4. Commitment to Hawai‘i:
    • Strong commitment to Hawai‘i, ensuring robust Neighbor Island air service.
    • Aiming for a more competitive platform supporting growth, job opportunities, community investment, and environmental stewardship.
  5. Employee and Union Commitment:
    • Commitment to maintaining and growing the union-represented workforce in Hawai‘i.
    • Immediate value creation with at least $235 million of expected run-rate synergies.
  6. Investor Call and Timeline:
    • Investor conference call scheduled for today at 5:00 p.m. ET / 2:00 p.m. PT / 12:00 p.m. HT.
    • Anticipated closing of the transaction within 12-18 months.
  7. Strategic and Financial Rationale:
    • Complementary networks to enhance competition and provide greater choice for consumers.
    • Preservation of both Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines’ brands on a single operating platform.
    • Expected to deliver high single-digit earnings accretion for Alaska Airlines within the first two years.
  8. Community and Sustainability Commitment:
    • Focus on growth in union-represented jobs and strong operational presence in Hawai‘i.
    • Commitment to environmental stewardship, aligning with Alaska Airlines’ five-part path to net zero by 2040.
  9. Synergies and Accretion:
    • Expected run-rate synergies of at least $235 million.
    • Transaction multiple of 0.7 times revenue, approximately one third the average of recent airline transactions.
  10. Conditions to Close:
  • Approval by regulatory authorities and Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. shareholders.
  • Expected to close in 12-18 months, with the combined organization based in Seattle under the leadership of Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci.
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