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Internet praising The pilot of American Airlines provides free drinks and apologizes for the delay.

American Airlines’s captain apologizes for the delay and offers free drinks

On May 21, an unprecedented gesture took place on board. An American Airlines flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Puerto Vallarta. A pilot entered a plane’s cabin to personally apologize to passengers for a delayed takeoff and offer them free drinks.

A flight captain can be seen entering the cabin and moving down the aisle of the aircraft while speaking to economy passengers in a video that was posted to Twitter. He greets the passengers with a joke, saying,  “How are we doing, guys? Another excellent departure by American Airlines that leaves on schedule, right?


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I’m sorry about that, but we’ll try to get you there as soon as we can. After an overview of the issues that caused the flight delay, he provides more confidence by saying, “We’ll pedal as fast as we can, we’ll give you an update [landing] time as soon as we get airborne, any questions before we go?” He says, “We’re gonna give you a good ride,” after describing the weather and the expected flight time.


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Sami Muhonen, the user who posted the video to Twitter, also asserted that the pilot made an offer to give the passengers free beverages, with American Airlines covering the expense. According to Sami, “This is customer service.” Many others expressed gratitude for the deed, with one writing: “We love Captain Rod! He is superior. He’s so great, aww. Love this!” commented another user.




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