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IndiGo launches AI chatbot for ticket booking and customer queries

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On Monday, IndiGo unveiled 6Eskai, a chatbot driven by GPT-4 technology and utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). Numerous tasks can be completed by the chatbot, such as making reservations for tickets, applying promo codes, and checking in online.

IndiGo claims that its digital team, working closely with Microsoft, developed the chatbot entirely in-house. The chatbot provides a unique platform for ticket booking across the network and responds to customer inquiries in ten different languages.


6Eskai can handle a wide range of tasks, from booking tickets and applying promotional discounts to facilitating web check-ins and helping with seat selection, according to IndiGo, which highlighted the platform’s 1.7 trillion parameters. According to the report, the AI chatbot can comprehend spoken instructions using speech-to-text models in addition to written or typed exchanges.

The airline added that its data scientists studied Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) and used extensive prompt engineering to programme the bot to mimic human behaviour, react to emotions, and even inject humour into interactions.