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US FAA clears Boeing flight tests for 737 MAX 10 certification

Boeing 737 MAX Delivery to China Encounters New Delays after Alaska incident

The FAA recently granted type inspection authorization for the 737 Max 10, a crucial step that enables FAA pilots to participate in the necessary flight testing for the aircraft’s certification for regular operations. In a letter to employees, three Boeing executives highlighted this milestone as a significant step forward.

This development comes as a pivotal moment for Boeing, following the global grounding of the 737 Max series. The long-awaited type inspection authorization (TIA) for the 737-10 signals the commencement of formal FAA certification flight testing, representing a substantial achievement in Boeing’s progress since the 737 Max’s return to service.


Boeing 737 Max competing with A321

The Boeing 737 Max 10 is an enhanced version of the 737 Max family, capable of accommodating more passengers and offering an extended range in the aircraft segment. Positioned as a direct competitor to the European-built Airbus A321, the 737 Max 10 boasts the latest avionics, engines, and framework.

The history of the Boeing 737 Max has been marked by intense scrutiny, primarily due to two fatal crashes in 2018 and 2019. These incidents prompted regulatory bodies worldwide, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to mandate comprehensive changes and improvements to the 737 Max series before it could resume operations.


Boeing responded by implementing software updates and modifications to address the identified issues, accompanied by enhanced pilot training programs.

Significant step closer to the global entry of the 737-10 into passenger service.

Despite facing significant market backlash and revenue losses, Boeing has diligently worked on the recertification of the 737 Max series. While some variants received certification in early 2021, the latest addition, the Boeing 737 Max 10, was temporarily on hold.


The recent certification marks a significant achievement, as expressed in the statement by Boeing’s senior executives, signaling a step closer to having the 737-10 enter passenger service globally.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted approval for Boeing (NYSE: BA) to initiate flight tests for its 737 MAX 10, the company’s largest aircraft. This authorization represents a key milestone in the progression of the aircraft’s testing and certification process.



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