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Indigo connects to the US with new codeshare flights

IndiGo announces new flights between Ras Al Khaimah and Hyderabad

The most popular airline in India, IndiGo, is expanding its global network with the introduction of new codeshare flights to the United States of America through Istanbul. By enabling easy connectivity to New York, Boston, Chicago, and Washington through its codeshare arrangement with Turkish Airlines, this strategic expansion offers up a world of possibilities for Indian travellers beginning on June 15, 2023.

With the expansion of IndiGo into a new continent, these new links represent a key turning point in the airline’s mission to improve global connectivity from India.


IndiGo announces 19 new connecting flights via Turkey to Portugal and Switzerland(Opens in a new browser tab)

Passengers on IndiGo will have access to a wide range of U.S. destinations through to this codeshare agreement, including New York, the pulsing city that never sleeps; Boston, the historically significant centre of academic excellence and cultural heritage; Chicago, the energetic city known for its architecture and deep-dish pizza; and Virginia, where the Dulles International Airport serves as a gateway to the attractive Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.


Travellers may now set out on exciting excursions with IndiGo, whether they choose to stroll around Central Park in New York, discover the Freedom Trail in Boston, awe at the Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago, or see the famous sites in Washington, D.C.

Travellers on business and for pleasure can take advantage of the prospects for trade, commerce, and exploration in these growing American cities through to these new linkages, which have enormous potential.


IndiGo launches Super 6E on 14 international routes(Opens in a new browser tab)

Scotland, Bulgaria, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Hungary, Denmark, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, Malta, France, the Czech Republic, Israel, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Portugal are just a few of the European nations that are accessible via codeshare connections that IndiGo already offers to 33 destinations.


Customers can easily visit, IndiGo’s official website, to plan their trips and purchase tickets. These flights not only represent an increase in IndiGo’s international connectivity, but they also highlight the airline’s dedication to meeting the changing needs of its customers by offering convenient and affordable travel options to places with vibrant economies and captivating tourist attractions.

Flight No.OriginDestinationFrequencyEffectiveDepartureArrival
6E 4234IstanbulNew YorkDailyJun 15, 202314:0517:50
6E 4224IstanbulBostonDailyJun 15, 202315:1018:50
6E 4220IstanbulDullesDailyJun 15, 202315:1519:20
6E 4236New YorkIstanbulDailyJun 15, 202319:3012:20
6E 4221DullesIstanbulDailyJun 15, 202322:4515:45
6E 4225BostonIstanbulDailyJun 15, 202323:1015:45
6E 4221DullesIstanbulDailyOct 28, 202322:4015:40
6E 4225BostonIstanbulMon,Wed,Fri,SatOct 28, 202323:1015:25
6E 4234IstanbulNew YorkDailyOct 29, 202315:1019:10
6E 4220IstanbulDullesDailyOct 29, 202315:5520:15
6E 4224IstanbulBostonMon,Wed,Fri,SatOct 30, 202315:5019:25
6E 4236New YorkIstanbulTue,Thu,SatOct 31, 202320:5013:45
6E 4234IstanbulNew YorkDailyNov 05, 202315:1019:10
6E 4220IstanbulDullesDailyNov 05, 202315:5520:15
6 4221DullesIstanbulDailyNov 05, 202322:4015:40
6E 4224IstanbulBostonMon,Wed,Fri,SatNov 06, 202315:5019:25
6E 4225BostonIstanbulMon,Wed,Fri,SatNov 06, 202323:1015:25
6E 4236New YorkIstanbulTue,Thu,SatNov 07, 202320:5013:45
6E 4234IstanbulNew YorkDailyNov 12, 202315:1018:10
6E 4220IstanbulDullesDailyNov 12, 202315:5519:15
6E 4221DullesIstanbulDailyNov 12, 202321:4015:40
6E 4224IstanbulBostonDaily except Tue and ThuNov 13, 202315:5018:25
6E 4225BostonIstanbulDaily except Tue and ThuNov 13, 202322:1015:25
6E 4236New YorkIstanbulTue,Thu,SatNov 14, 202319:5013:45
6E 4224IstanbulBostonDailyNov 27, 202315:5018:25
6E 4225BostonIstanbulDailyNov 27, 202322:1015:25
6E 4236New YorkIstanbulDaily except Mon and SunNov 28, 202319:5013:45
6E 4236New YorkIstanbulDailyDec 05, 202319:5013:45
6E 4224IstanbulBostonDaily except Tue and ThuFeb 05, 202415:5018:25
6E 4225BostonIstanbulDaily except Tue and ThuFeb 05, 202422:1015:25
6E 4236New YorkIstanbulTue,Thu,SatFeb 06, 202419:5013:45
6E 4236New YorkIstanbulTue,Thu,Sat,SunFeb 27, 202419:5013:45
6E 4224IstanbulBostonDaily except SunMar 04, 202415:5018:25
6E 4236New YorkIstanbulDaily except SunMar 04, 202419:5013:45
6E 4225BostonIstanbulDaily except SunMar 04, 202422:1015:25
6E 4234IstanbulNew YorkDailyMar 10, 202415:1019:10
6E 4224IstanbulBostonDailyMar 10, 202415:5019:25
6E 4220IstanbulDullesDailyMar 10, 202415:5520:15
6E 4236New YorkIstanbulDailyMar 10, 202420:5013:45
6E 4221DullesIstanbulDailyMar 10, 202422:4015:40
6E 4225BostonIstanbulDailyMar 10, 202423:1015:25
6E 4221DullesIstanbulDailyMar 30, 202422:4515:45
6E 4225BostonIstanbulDailyMar 30, 202423:1015:45
6E 4234IstanbulNew YorkDailyMar 31, 202414:0517:50
6E 4224IstanbulBostonDailyMar 31, 202415:1018:50
6E 4220IstanbulDullesDailyMar 31, 202415:1519:20
6E 4236New YorkIstanbulDaily
Mar 31, 2024