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In its bid to bolster domestic connectivity, IndiGo introduces 8 new flights

IndiGo introduces 8 new domestic flights.

IndiGo Leaves Behind 37 Bags Of Passengers At Hyderabad Airport

IndiGo, India’s top airline, has announced the commencement of 8 new, exclusive flights on the Bhopal-Udaipur, Ahmedabad-Jammu, Ranchi, Bhubaneshwar, and Indore-Chandigarh routes in its winter 2022 schedule in an effort to improve domestic connectivity. Out of these new links, the flight between Bhopal and Udaipur will be an RCS route, improving accessibility between the states.

IndiGo strengthens international connectivity with direct flights between Mumbai and Istanbul(Opens in a new browser tab)


The chief revenue and strategy officer of IndiGo, Mr. Sanjay Kumar, stated, “We are thrilled to improve connectivity and accessibility by launching exclusive flights on new domestic routes between seven states. As part of the UDAN programme, we’ll launch daily flights between Bhopal and Udaipur. Through greater trade opportunities and tourist foot traffic, improved connectivity between these states’ political and commercial capitals will support economic growth. We shall make an effort to keep our promise of low prices, punctual service, friendly staff, and hassle-free travel.

In addition to being manufacturing hubs for a variety of industrial items, these cities are renowned for being breathtakingly beautiful tourist attractions. There are a lot of waterfalls close to Ranchi that are accessible with ease. On the banks of the Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad is well-known for its diamond cutting, a broad array of delectable snacks, and its famous cotton textiles. Jammu is renowned for its mighty ziarats, stunning palaces, forts, and temples.


IndiGo to operate widebody aircraft this winter(Opens in a new browser tab)

These flights are designed to cater to business and leisure travelers who are constantly on the lookout for
new and affordable flying options to access destinations that help in building businesses and are known
for their tourist attractions. Customers who wish to plan their travel can book tickets via our official website The introduction of these flights will further bolster the airline’s international


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