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Exploring the Boeing 777x: Highlights from the Debut at Wings India

Boeing unveiled its Boeing 777x at Wings India for the first time after securing an order from India. We were thrilled to receive a warm welcome during our visit to Boeing at Wings India and had several inquiries.

During our tour with Jetline Marvel, we explored the Boeing 777x, delving into its interior cabin and inspecting the aircraft’s exterior. The Boeing staff at Wings India were exceptionally friendly.


As we strolled around the aircraft at Wings India, we noted its massive landing gears, reminiscent of those on the Boeing 777-300er. However, these were connected with new devices inside the brakes and an enhanced version of landing gears. An orange-colored wire was linked to various sensors located on the landing gears, displaying the aircraft system for testing and ensuring reliability.

Moving on to the wings, we observed the impressive wing structure made predominantly of composite materials, marking it as the largest wing for any commercial aircraft ever built.

Notably, the Boeing 777x boasts a wing-tip folding option, similar to the wing-folding feature found in the Fighter jet F18 aircraft. This innovation allows the aircraft to be efficiently parked on flight decks, enhancing aerodynamic efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.

Experimental aircraft

The tail wing of the Boeing 777x is equipped with cameras positioned in the middle, providing views of the landing gears and other critical areas during emergencies. Additionally, a camera is fitted just before the nose landing gear for continuous aircraft monitoring.


Entering the aircraft, we discovered a comfortably cool interior with minimal seating. The focus was on instrumentation and equipment arranged for monitoring the aircraft’s flight conditions, with some seats strategically placed in different surrounding areas.

The aircraft is equipped with ballistic water tanks to balance weight ratios during flights. b777 vs b747 tanks are located both inside the cabin and at the front portion, ensuring optimal balance throughout the aircraft.

a350 vs 777


In comparison to the boeing 777 vs airbus a350, the Boeing 777 features windows that are notably larger in size, providing passengers with an expanded and more panoramic view of the surroundings during the flight.

Boeing 777x has a Larger window

The Boeing 777X boasts larger windows compared to the Airbus A350, providing passengers with enhanced views, as evident in the accompanying image. Boeing asserts that these windows offer more expansive views than those of competing aircraft. According to reliable sources, these windows will feature an Automatic Brightness System, similar to the one found in the Boeing 787 aircraft.


Boeing 777x Engine

The Boeing 777x engine has set a world record, generating an impressive 134,300 pounds of thrust, capable of lifting a colossal 351.5-tonne aircraft with its twin engines. General Electric (GE) embraced the challenge of constructing such a massive-scale engine, surpassing the size of any other aircraft engine, a necessity to accommodate the substantial payload capacity.

Boeing 777x can 550 passengers

According to the Boeing team, this test flight is a rare occurrence driven by demand. Notably, the aircraft can accommodate 550 passengers, making it Boeing’s largest-ever aircraft. Currently undergoing certification, the aircraft is expected to be operational before 2025. Emirates Airlines is set to be the first operator of the Boeing 777X.

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