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British Airways announces multi-million-pound investment in brand new pilot cadet scheme

British Airways Opens Doors for Newly Qualified Pilots: Apply Now!
  • British Airways’ new Speedbird Pilot Academy will fund up to 60 places per year at an approved flight training school, with those who pass the course offered a job as a British Airways pilot
  • The multi-million-pound initiative removes the initial high-cost barrier of training to become a professional pilot, making it a realistic option for anyone aged 18-55
  • Private training costs for aspiring pilots can cost around £100,000

British Airways has announced the establishment of a brand-new pilot cadet programme that will provide funding for up to 60 aspiring pilots’ training each year.

The economic barrier to training to become an airline pilot will be lifted with the establishment of the British Airways Speedbird Pilot Academy, making the profession considerably more accessible. After clearing the course, successful candidates will be offered a career as a British Airways pilot, assisting the airline in ensuring that it has the necessary levels of future flying talent for years to come.

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The cost of training to become a pilot can run into tens of thousands of pounds, making it unaffordable for many. With a multi-million pound investment by the airline into its next generation of pilots, British Airways will now cover this expense, making it a legitimate career option for all aspiring pilots.

The airline remains committed to further increasing diversity in the aviation industry and is determined to increase awareness, visibility, and applications to this new cadet programme to people from all backgrounds – not just those who can afford the initial training costs.


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Successful applicants will be given a spot at one of the approved flight training schools, with British Airways paying for all of their tuition.


One component of the airline’s larger pilot recruitment strategy is the Speedbird Pilot Academy. In addition to partnering with the UK Armed Forces to provide military pilots new career possibilities in commercial aviation once their stipulated service tenure ends, British Airways continues to hire current commercial pilots.