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Boeing 737 MAX China Deliveries Delayed Again After Alaska Incident

Boeing 737 MAX Delivery to China Encounters New Delays after Alaska incident

Boeing is encountering another setback in the resumption of deliveries of its 737 Max jets to China following an incident involving Alaska Airlines’ 737 MAX 9 last week.

Originally, China Southern Airlines was poised to receive planes in January, but in response to the recent incident, the airline plans to conduct additional safety inspections on the aircraft, according to sources familiar with the matter.


The duration of these extra inspections remains uncertain, further complicating the timeline for deliveries that have been on hold since the two fatal crashes involving the 737 MAX 8 prompted Beijing to suspend them. boeing stock today

The ability of boeing in the news to restart 737 MAX deliveries to China is considered a pivotal move in revitalizing its business in the country. The Chinese aviation market is anticipated to contribute significantly, accounting for a fifth of global airplane deliveries over the next two decades.


Nevertheless, this recent delay adds to a series of setbacks boeing cracked window Boeing has faced in its efforts to regain momentum in China, casting a shadow over the company’s plans in one of the world’s most crucial aviation markets.