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Asiana Airlines will stop selling exit row seats on some of its Airbus A321 jets 

After man opens plane door mid-flight, flyers ask: How can that happen?

After a recent incident in which a passenger opened a door of the same aircraft model just before landing, Asiana Airlines, South Korea’s second-largest airline, announced on Sunday that it stopped selling specific emergency seats of A321-200 passenger jets.

Asiana Airlines stopped selling the 26A seat on 11 A321-200s, which has room for 174 passengers, and the 31A seat on three A321-200s, which has room for 195 passengers, according to a statement from the airline.


After man opens plane door mid-flight, flyers ask: How can that happen?(Opens in a new browser tab)

Even if the flight is full, this precautionary practice is still in effect, according to the statement. Flight attendants sit in the matching seat on the right during takeoff and landing.


On Sunday, a court issued an arrest warrant for Lee for an alleged violation of aviation security regulations, citing the gravity of his situation and the risks of flight.

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According to the law, a passenger who opens an airplane’s doors, emergency exits, or other mechanisms faces a maximum 10-year prison sentence. The man claimed, according to police officials, that he opened the door because he felt suffocated while being questioned because he had recently had a great deal of stress as a result of losing his work.