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Akasa Air to Add 800 Staff and Fly Internationally

Akasa Air vs. Pilots: Delhi High Court Upholds DGCA's Authority to Act in Case of Contractual Breaches

According to Chief Executive Officer Vinay Dube, the newest airline in India, Akasa Air, which is getting ready to launch international services, would hire up to 800 new employees by the end of this fiscal year.

The low-cost airline, which started operating flights in 2022, has considered about extending its network to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other locations in South Asia, including Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh.


Two more Indian airlines companies will make major orders for Airbus and Boeing.(Opens in a new browser tab)

Akasa isn’t the only company ramping up employment efforts; market leaders IndiGo and Air India Ltd. both have record-breaking orders from Airbus SE and Boeing Co. for hundreds of aircraft.


In India’s highly competitive aviation business, where several airlines have failed, Akasa, which means “sky,” employs roughly 3,000 people and holds 4.9% of the market. Kingfisher Airlines Ltd. and Jet Airways India Ltd., owned by former businessman Vijay Mallya, are among the graveyard’s entities. Go Airlines India Ltd. is currently grounded as it fights bankruptcy, and SpiceJet Ltd. is also under pressure after a string of losses.

The Livery of Akasa Air’s Boeing 737-800 Aircraft Has Been Revealed.(Opens in a new browser tab)


With an announcement most certainly coming before the end of the year, Dube is putting the finishing touches on an order for narrowbody jets that will, in his estimation, include triple digits in terms of the number of aircraft. Last month, Akasa placed an additional four Boeing 737-8 orders, bringing its total number of 76 pending orders for delivery by March 2027.