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Air India Launches New Customer Support Portal

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To enhance and improve the customer experience, Air India has added a new digital customer support tool to its website’s “Contact Support” area. The Vihaan five-year restructuring strategy for Air India is in accordance with this. With AI, companies can deliver services to their clients in a seamless, practical, and best-in-class manner.

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Both before and after the trip, customer service is essential to the client’s journey. In the Airline’s quest to provide an improved customer support experience through a single integrated web-based system, the switch to this new customer care site is a significant milestone. Customers may easily search out tailored information, request services, give comments, and file complaints with the new system.

In the new system, customer queries are automatically routed to dedicated customer service teams with subject matter expertise to respond in a timely manner. This greatly enhances the quality of resolution and response time. This is also in sync with the inclusive vision of seamless customer experience that Air India is committed to offer as part of its transformation journey.


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Some important benefits of the portal are as under:


Accurate collection of essential information: Customers may get customized data, make service requests, and voice complaints directly on the website with the new customer service portal, which quickly prompts them for relevant information when they need it.

Intuitive classification system: Customers could select from five categories using the simple classification system: Baggage, Flying Returns, Refunds, Compliments and Suggestions, and Others (Query, Request, Feedback). Customers who submit cases are given a special case identification number, which enables them to monitor the status of their cases in real time.


Track the status of any request: Customers can track the real-time status of their case online with this first-of-its-kind, market-leading tool, which gives them a special case ID and makes the process incredibly visible and practical.

Integrated FAQs: An intelligent FAQs section, tailored to customer needs at each step of the process, further adds to the portal’s ease of use.