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Air India Captain Zoya Agarwal helps a slum girl become a pilot

Air India Capt Zoya agarwal helps slum girl to become pilot

In a heartwarming tale of determination and empowerment, Air India’s Captain Zoya Agarwal is making dreams come true for Nadrat, a young girl from the slums of Mumbai’s Dharavi. Despite growing up with financial constraints, Nadrat’s dream of becoming a pilot found a guiding light in Captain Zoya.

Zoya Agarwal, a renowned pilot, not only holds the prestigious title of being the first Indian woman to fly over the North Pole but also runs the ‘Udaan Pari’ foundation. This foundation is dedicated to empowering girls, breaking barriers, and turning their dreams into reality. The story unfolds as Nadrat, with her burning passion for aviation, approached Captain Zoya for support.


Speaking about her initiative to uplift underprivileged girls, Captain Zoya emphasized that every “desh ki beti” (country’s daughter) deserves the opportunity to fulfill her aspirations. She strongly believes that the lack of resources should never hinder these dreams, especially in a rapidly growing aviation sector.

Zoya expressed, “This is just the beginning. I want to make this from a dream to reality, for every girl who’s got fire in her soul. We need our girls in the aviation sector. We cannot let our girls be discouraged just because they lack resources. This is my contribution to PM Modi’s dream of India shining at 75.”


Nadrat, who faced financial hurdles in pursuing her dream, shared her journey, stating, “My mother wanted me to pursue engineering, but I realized I wanted to become a pilot. We had no resources to fund my training. Even though I cleared the flying school entrance test, I was rejected because of my financial background.”

Inspired by Zoya Agarwal’s recognition as the recipient of the ‘Bharat ki Beti’ award from Prime Minister Modi, Nadrat saw a beacon of hope in Captain Zoya. Zoya’s impactful contributions to the aviation industry, demonstrated to Nadrat that she could be the key to turning her aspirations into reality.


This heartening story encapsulates the spirit of mentorship, resilience, and the belief that empowering one individual can have a ripple effect, contributing to a brighter future for aspiring young girls in the field of aviation.