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A woman books the entire Air India Business Class cabin for her pet dog’s flight.

A woman books the entire Air India Business Class cabin for her pet dog's flight.

An Air India flight’s entire business class cabin was reserved for a dog owner’s pet. On September 15, the dog boarded an Air India flight from Mumbai to Chennai.

A woman reserved the entire business class cabin on an Air India flight to treat her dog to a luxurious travel experience. On September 15, Air India AI-671 flew from Mumbai to Chennai. The woman paid a whopping 2.5 lakh rupees to book the entire cabin for her furry child, Bella. She, her pet, and her servant had the entire cabin to themselves for two hours. It was the J-class cabin, which had 12 seats. The price per seat is 20,000. The woman reserved all 12 seats for her dog.


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Air India is the only domestic airline in India that allows domestic pets in the passenger cabin. Passengers are allowed to bring up to two pets under certain conditions. Typically, a pet is assigned a seat in the last row of the scheduled class. Pets must pay additional fees when flying with Air India. Air India will have flown around 2000 pets on domestic flights by 2020. However, this was most likely the first time someone reserved an entire cabin on an Air India flight for a pet. She paid 2.5 lakhs for the business class cabin. An official told ANI, “The average business class cost for Mumbai-Chennai is around Rs 20,000, and the said female passenger paid Rs 2.5 lakh for the trip.”



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