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Is United Airlines implementing a self-serve snack bar on its latest A321neo?

United Airlines is addressing the challenges faced by airline crews in serving passengers, a task that can be quite demanding and lead to fatigue.

To enhance passenger experience and alleviate crew workload, the airline is introducing an innovative product—an onboard self-serve snack bar.


Implement this new approach on its latest aircraft

Currently in the trial and testing phase with airline staff, the self-serve snack bar aims to gauge its convenience for in-flight service. United Airlines is set to implement this new approach on its latest aircraft, the Airbus A321neo.

Passengers will have the opportunity to independently access complimentary refreshments without relying on flight attendants to bring them.


The airline emphasizes that the kiosks will provide a limited supply of water and snacks typically offered during complimentary service.

Piloting this concept on its Airbus A321neo

This forward-thinking initiative aims to reduce crew fatigue, addressing the challenges associated with accommodating various passenger demands during in-flight service.


The self-serve kiosk will only become accessible after the airline staff completes their initial round of service. This new approach marks a departure from the traditional method of waiting for the cabin crew to navigate the aisle with a food and beverage cart.

United Airlines is piloting this concept on its Airbus A321neo, with the inaugural flight scheduled for November 30 departing from Chicago O’Hare International Airport.


The new aircraft also offers: 

  • United’s new domestic first-class seat, with wireless charging and more privacy
  • Larger overhead bins with space for every passenger’s roll aboard bag
  • High-speed Wi-Fi with streaming capabilities
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • LED lighting designed to create a modern, calming atmosphere

The A321neo is just the latest addition to United’s fleet as progress continues on the airline’s ambitious United Next growth strategy; United expects to take delivery of about 800 new narrowbody and widebody aircraft between 2023 and the end of 2032, while retrofitting existing narrowbody aircraft with United’s Signature Interior.


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