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These Are The Top 20 Airlines With The Best Cabin Crew, 2019

These are the top 20 airlines in the world for 2022 

Singapore Airlines is voted the World’s Best Cabin Crew 2019 by air travellers, with Garuda Indonesia in second place, and ANA All Nippon Airways in third place.

Indonesian’s national carrier Garuda Indonesia came in the second position, as per Skytrax. Japan’s ANA All Nippon Airways – came in third spot. In disturbing news for Europe, no European carrier included in the main 10 for the World’s Best Airline Cabin Crew 2019.

British Airways and Lufthansa were no place to be found in the main ten be that as it may, maybe more shockingly, nor was any American carrier. Three European carriers prominent with air explorers featured in the best 20 rundown for 2019, however. Austrian Airlines came in 12th place, British Airways in 13th and Lufthansa in 16th.


Below is the full list of the top 20 airlines based on cabin crew:

  1. Singapore Airlines
  2. Garuda Indonesia 
  3. ANA All Nippon Airlines
  4. Thai Airways
  5. EVA Airways
  6. Cathay Pacific
  7. Hainan Airlines
  8. Japan Airlines
  9. Qatar Airways
  10. China Airlines
  11. Philippine Airlines
  12. Austrian Airlines
  13. British Airways 
  14. Asiana Airlines
  15. Bangkok Airways
  16. Lufthansa
  17. Flynas
  18. AirAsia
  19. Emirates
  20. Fiji Airways

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