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These are the new Upgrades American Airlines is planning to put on more than 100 A320s

These are the new Upgrades of American Airlines is planning to put on more than100 A320's

American Airlines and Airbus have a contract in place for the installation of new display processors and LCD flight deck displays on more than 100 A320 Family aircraft.

In a multi-year retrofit programme, the new EEIS2 will take the place of the present cathode ray tube displays and Display Management Computers (DMC). Three DMCs are housed in the avionics bay and there are six flight deck displays on each A320 Family aircraft. Airbus will deliver the required service bulletins, installation kits, and on-site engineering support for the Thales-built EEIS2 equipment.


With its high-definition LCD screen and new system capabilities and features, EEIS2 enhances information displays for pilots on American’s A320ceo fleet. The EEIS2 program will achieve a 50kg weight decrease per aircraft in addition to these new system capabilities, maximize fleet commonality, and drastically cut maintenance costs.

The mainline fleet of American Airlines consists of roughly 400 A320 Family aircraft, comprising 218 A321s, 133 A319s, 48 A320s, and 68 re-engined A321neos. The carrier’s fleet of more than 100 earlier-generation models will be upgraded.