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Take a glimpse inside the new Qantas Airbus A220 cabins’ interior

Take a glimpse inside the new Qantas Airbus A220 cabins' interior

Qantas has recently unveiled the anticipated features of its upcoming Airbus A220 cabins, marking a significant milestone in its aircraft investment strategy. The Qantas Group, in its Half Year results announcement, provided insights into the customer-focused enhancements, including those to be expected from the new A220s.

The QantasLink division has commenced the integration of the first two Airbus A220 jet aircraft into its operations, with plans to replace its aging Boeing 717 fleet progressively. The A220 is set to revolutionize regional travel, offering increased range and flexibility across routes connecting major cities like Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, and Canberra, as well as key regional destinations such as Coffs Harbour and Launceston.

Passengers can anticipate a host of innovative features onboard the A220, including:

  • Spacious Cabins: Accommodating 137 passengers across two cabins, featuring 10 Business seats arranged in a 2-2 configuration and 127 Economy seats in a 2-3 layout.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Improved seating with extra padding in Economy, coupled with the largest windows among single-aisle aircraft, providing passengers with a heightened sense of space and comfort.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Seamless connectivity with fast, complimentary Wi-Fi, enabling passengers to stay connected throughout their journey. Additionally, the integration of personal device holders and USB charging ports ensures convenience for travelers in both Economy and Business classes.
  • Environmental Sustainability: The A220 boasts a reduced noise footprint by up to 50% and a 25% decrease in carbon emissions, aligning with Qantas’ commitment to environmental stewardship.

Furthermore, the Qantas Group has announced the expansion of its fleet with the procurement of eight additional Airbus A321XLRs for its domestic operations. These next-generation aircraft, equipped with advanced technology and increased seating capacity, are set to further elevate the travel experience for passengers.

As part of its digital transformation initiative, Qantas is also investing heavily in improving its digital platforms, including the enhancement of the Qantas app and a complete overhaul of These upgrades aim to streamline the travel experience for customers, providing them with greater convenience and efficiency from booking to arrival.

With these groundbreaking developments, Qantas reaffirms its commitment to delivering unparalleled service and innovation in the aviation industry, setting new benchmarks for customer satisfaction and operational excellence.



Korean Air Rolls Out Next-Generation Business Class: ‘Prestige Suites 2.0’

Korean Air Rolls Out Next-Generation Business Class: ‘Prestige Suites 2.0’

Korean Air has introduced its latest business class offering, the Prestige Suites 2.0, set to make its debut aboard the airline’s new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner fleet.

This new product marks a significant upgrade from the previous Collins Apex forward-facing staggered seats, known as Prestige Suites. The Prestige Suites 2.0 is designed in a staggered 1-2-1 configuration, ensuring each passenger direct aisle access and ample privacy.

The seats offer 46 inches of pitch, 21 inches of width, and can be transformed into a flat bed measuring between 78.2 and 79.2 inches. A standout feature of these seats is the inclusion of privacy doors that stand 52 inches high, offering a more secluded experience even when positioned closer to the aisle.

Tech-savvy travelers will appreciate the suite’s cutting-edge features, which include a 23.8-inch ultra-high-definition entertainment monitor, 60W USB-C charging, AC power outlets, and wireless charging capabilities.


Moreover, Korean Air’s Boeing 787-10s will be the first in the fleet to offer Wi-Fi, enhancing connectivity for passengers. The new business class seats come with a range of amenities aimed at maximizing comfort and convenience. These include a storage cubby, a handheld remote, USB-C charging ports, and universal outlets.

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The wireless charging pad is a notable highlight, reflecting the suite’s advanced technological integration. The layout of the Prestige Suites 2.0 comprises 10 rows of seats in a 1-2-1 arrangement, specifically rows 7-16 in the business class cabin. The cabin is flanked by lavatories and galleys at both the front and the rear, ensuring easy access for all passengers.

A striking departure from Korean Air’s traditional design, the new seats feature a bold brown color palette. This is a significant change from the airline’s iconic Morning Calm blue and bright white interiors.

The new design incorporates semi-matte deep brown side consoles with metallic tops, brushed coppery-almond cabinet doors, and textured tan interior shrouds, giving the cabin a modern and sophisticated look.


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