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Singapore Court Orders P&W to supply Go First with 5 engines monthly

Lessors Have Applied For Deregistration Of 54 Go First Planes

The Singapore International Arbitration Tribunal has issued a new ruling directing engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney to provide 5 engines to grounded carrier Go First each month.
According to the ruling, P&W must make every effort starting on August 1 to provide 5 engines to the airline without any delays.

The order states that the respondent “shall use all commercially reasonable efforts to release and dispatch to the claimant, without delay as they become available, five engines per month, commencing, on 1 August 2023 and continuing through 31 December 2023, subject to further orders of this Tribunal.”


Air India is attempting to settle a lawsuit in the United States worth $1.2 billion, alleging a new owner.(Opens in a new browser tab)

Go First, which has requested authorization from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to start operations, is relieved by the development. The airline’s request for interim capital from banks in the amount of ‘450 crore has received preliminary clearance from the committee of creditors.


The court added noted that the decision “shall not apply to any third-party engines that are in the MRO process, as to which the engine lessors have communicated contrary disposition directions based on their pre-moratorium termination of leases with Go First.”

Almost 50 Aircrafts Of IndiGo, GoFirst Grounded Due To Unavailability Of Parts(Opens in a new browser tab)


Later, Pratt & Whitney released a statement in which it said, “Pratt & Whitney respects the Interim Arbitration judgement and will comply with the order until it is otherwise modified. During the merits hearings, where the legal and business problems will be decided, we look forward to forcefully defending ourselves. This is the second time the Tribunal has commanded the US engine manufacturer to deliver engines on time.