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Ryanair’s Social Media Savvy: A Savage Response to passenger

Ryanair's Social Media Savvy: A Savage Response to passenger

Ryanair, a budget airline known for its cost-cutting measures and straightforward approach, has gained attention for its social media presence. In the ever-evolving landscape of air travel, Ryanair stands out not just for its efficient no-frills approach but also for its remarkable and Savage responses to passenger inquiries.

Recently, a passenger took to social media to ask, “@Ryanair, is this standard etiquette on your planes?” Ryanair responded with a savage reply by stating, “Your foot, your problem.


Another instance surfaced recently when a passenger, going by the username ameliaasavin, attempted to troll the airline with a hand-drawn image. The drawing humorously depicted the typical view from an airplane window, placed next to a seat without a window.

The caption read, “It’s ok Ryanair, I fixed the issue on my return flight,” accompanied by the cheeky statement, “If you know, you know.” Ryanair shared the picture again on its X account along with the remark, “But not your art skills”.