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On a Qatar Airways aircraft, a passenger shouted “Bomb on the plane.” then look into what happened

At the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in this city, all passengers were evacuated off a jet when a guy shouted that the plane was bombed just before takeoff.

Regarding the false allegations and frightening other travellers at the airport, it will be a major offence. Threatening phone calls are frequently used to handle problems. The flight operated by Qatar Airways was ready to lift off. One of the passengers began shouting about the bomb as it began to tax.


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One passenger began shouting that there was a bomb in the plane as the Qatar Airways flight from here to London via Doha, which had 541 passengers on board, was getting ready to take off at 3.29 am on Tuesday, according to sources cited by PTI.


According to the protocol, the aeroplane landed at a nearby location, and all of the passengers disembarked to further investigate the situation and bring in the Bomb detecting squad.

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The man began shouting, which caused the flight to be delayed. All of the passengers were subsequently offloaded once the aeroplane was evacuated. Although the aeroplane was searched by the bomb squad, no bomb was discovered.

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The CISF detained and questioned the man who shouted about the bomb. He has been recognised as a man from Kolkata, age 35. The individual told the authorities that another passenger on the flight startled him by claiming that there was a bomb on the aircraft while under questioning.

The airport police station received a call from the detained man’s father. The father presented the police with some medical records that revealed his kid was receiving treatment for a mental disorder.


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