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New Study Reveals Most Bathroom Friendly Airlines in the US

USDOT Mandates Enhanced Lavatory Accessibility: Airlines to Expand Lavatories for Dual Occupancy"

The most bathroom friendly airlines are ranked below:

  1. JetBlue
  2. Alaska
  3. Allegiant
  4. United
  5. Delta
  6. American
  7. Spirit
  8. Frontier
  9. Southwest

The study also looked at aircraft types and found that the five best aircraft ratios offered one bathroom for every 36 to 49 seats while the five worst aircraft ratios had one bathroom for every 77 to 83 seats.

The world’s largest engine The Rolls Royce UltraFan: 10 Key Takeaways.(Opens in a new browser tab)


UponArriving surveyed the general public regarding how they view bathrooms on planes and found that:

  • 74% actively avoid using the bathroom during a flight
  • 70% found using the bathroom during a flight stressful
  • 65% believe planes don’t have enough bathrooms

Study methodology

In order to find the most bathroom friendly airlines, UponArriving ranked airlines based on the ratio of economy seats to lavatories found in the economy cabin. They first determined a seat-to-lavatory ratio for each type of aircraft used by an airline and then used a weighted average of the ratios based on the percent that each aircraft made up of the fleet. Data reflects estimated fleet status at the end of 2022.


This study was designed to focus on the typical flying experience when flying within the continental US so the data only includes narrow body aircraft and smaller regional aircraft.

The full study and results can be found here.