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Microsoft Head Transforms Emirates Business Class with Apple Vision Pro

Microsoft Head Transforms Emirates Business Class with Apple Vision Pro

In a groundbreaking demonstration of the capabilities of Apple Inc.’s latest innovation, the Vision Pro headset, Microsoft executive Omar Shahine utilized the device to convert an entire Emirates business-class cabin into a personal theater.

Using the Apple Vision Pro and Emirates‘ in-flight WiFi, Shahine accomplished the feat during a 16-hour flight from Seattle to Dubai.

Shahine shared his amazing experience on the social media site Threads, expressing delight at the change. Rather than limiting himself to a typical 23-inch screen, Shahine used the headset to transform the entire business class cabin into a large canvas above the clouds, effectively creating a cinematic atmosphere during the long-haul flight.

“I am watching movies and browsing the Web using the entire cabin as my screen,” shared Shahine, capturing the awe-inspiring moment of utilizing cutting-edge technology to redefine the in-flight entertainment experience.


Beyond the experiences of individual users, Apple’s Vision Pro could have a wider impact because it gives airlines the chance to modify and add cutting-edge headsets to their lineup. The gadget may change the face of in-flight entertainment by promoting efficiency gains and improving customer satisfaction.

The ability to view real-time airport operations in three dimensions has improved the in-flight experience and paved the way for more advancements in aviation technology.



Korean Air Rolls Out Next-Generation Business Class: ‘Prestige Suites 2.0’

Korean Air Rolls Out Next-Generation Business Class: ‘Prestige Suites 2.0’

Korean Air has introduced its latest business class offering, the Prestige Suites 2.0, set to make its debut aboard the airline’s new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner fleet.

This new product marks a significant upgrade from the previous Collins Apex forward-facing staggered seats, known as Prestige Suites. The Prestige Suites 2.0 is designed in a staggered 1-2-1 configuration, ensuring each passenger direct aisle access and ample privacy.

The seats offer 46 inches of pitch, 21 inches of width, and can be transformed into a flat bed measuring between 78.2 and 79.2 inches. A standout feature of these seats is the inclusion of privacy doors that stand 52 inches high, offering a more secluded experience even when positioned closer to the aisle.

Tech-savvy travelers will appreciate the suite’s cutting-edge features, which include a 23.8-inch ultra-high-definition entertainment monitor, 60W USB-C charging, AC power outlets, and wireless charging capabilities.


Moreover, Korean Air’s Boeing 787-10s will be the first in the fleet to offer Wi-Fi, enhancing connectivity for passengers. The new business class seats come with a range of amenities aimed at maximizing comfort and convenience. These include a storage cubby, a handheld remote, USB-C charging ports, and universal outlets.

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The wireless charging pad is a notable highlight, reflecting the suite’s advanced technological integration. The layout of the Prestige Suites 2.0 comprises 10 rows of seats in a 1-2-1 arrangement, specifically rows 7-16 in the business class cabin. The cabin is flanked by lavatories and galleys at both the front and the rear, ensuring easy access for all passengers.

A striking departure from Korean Air’s traditional design, the new seats feature a bold brown color palette. This is a significant change from the airline’s iconic Morning Calm blue and bright white interiors.

The new design incorporates semi-matte deep brown side consoles with metallic tops, brushed coppery-almond cabinet doors, and textured tan interior shrouds, giving the cabin a modern and sophisticated look.


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