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Meet the world’s first Space Tourists to fly around the Moon

Meet the world’s first Space Tourists to fly around the Moon #SpaceX #Elonmusk

Meet the world's first Space Tourists to fly around the Moon

The first two crew members for Starship’s second commercial lunar orbital mission have been revealed as being Dennis and Akiko Tito. Dennis will be flying in space for the second time after visiting the International Space Station for the first time as a commercial astronaut in 2001.

Akiko will be one of the first females to orbit the moon in a starship. To help SpaceX achieve its long-term goal of advancing human spaceflight and fostering a multiplanetary society, the Titos joined the mission.


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The journey to the Moon, a full orbit of the Moon, and a safe return to Earth will take place over the course of a week for Starship and the crew. The Polaris Program’s Starship and dear Moon’s initial flights are anticipated to come after the launch of this mission.


Dennis Tito, the first space tourist in history, and his wife Akiko have signed up to use SpaceX’s Starship rocket to orbit the moon, according to a statement released on Wednesday by the billionaire Elon Musk’s company.
Dennis Tito, an 82-year-old former aerospace engineer who is now a financial analyst, is working with SpaceX on plans to send his wife on what would essentially be a delayed honeymoon trip to the moon. In 2001, Tito paid Russia $20 million for a journey to the International Space Station.
On Russia’s Soyuz TM-32 flight in 2001, engineer-turned-financial-analyst Tito, 82, who spent nearly eight days on the International Space Station, became the first private person to pay for a journey to space.
Over the course of the nearly seven-day SpaceX mission, the rocket will pass within 200 kilometers of the moon without making contact with its surface. For Starship’s second commercial lunar orbital mission, Tito and his wife are the first crew members to be revealed.
The launch of Starship, the centerpiece of Tesla (TSLA.O) CEO Musk’s goal to transport people and goods to the moon and Mars, has not yet been given a specific date by SpaceX. The richest man in the world has stated that he hopes to launch the rocket into orbit for the first time as early as next month.

A few businesses, such as SpaceX and the Richard Branson-founded Virgin Galactic (SPCE.N), are working to make space travel a reality, while Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin is already selling sub-orbital joyrides that reach heights of around 350,000 feet (106 km).


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