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Lufthansa plans to hire around 13,000 new staff in 2024

Lufthansa plans to hire around 13,000 new people in 2024

In 2024, the Lufthansa Group anticipates adding 13,000 new workers across a variety of professions. In particular, new colleagues in IT, technicians, and coworkers for the cockpit and cabin are highly desired.

But there are also advertisements for positions in other departments, like the ground crew at the Lufthansa hubs in Frankfurt and Munich. Over 3,500 people will be hired for the cabin, and about 1,000 for the cockpit. Additionally, the Lufthansa Group is expected to welcome approximately 2,000 technicians, approximately 800 trainees, and approximately 900 IT experts.


Dr. Michael Niggemann, a member of the Deutsche Lufthansa AG Executive Board in charge of Infrastructure and Human Resources: “In our line of work, the people who put in the most effort every day to motivate our clients are the ones who make the difference. As a result, we keep concentrating on growing our workforce and becoming a desirable place to work. After all, our coworkers who fly and land with us every day provide a face to our brands and businesses and look after our passengers.”

In 2023, Lufthansa hired over 13,000 new workers. Currently, the Lufthansa Group employs over 95,000 people across more than 90 countries. Job vacancies and other career opportunities are available on the company career website