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Lockheed Martin and Airbus chooses GE Aerospace engine for LMXT

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Lockheed Martin and Airbus officials reveal the LMXT strategic tanker will use GE Aerospace’s CF6-80E1 propulsion system. The LMXT is Lockheed Martin’s solution for the United States Air Force‘s KC-135 recapitalization programme, and it is based on the combat-proven A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport design.

More than 3,000 direct and indirect jobs in America are expected to be supported by the production of GE’s CF6 engine for the LMXT, including those in highly skilled advanced manufacturing, engineering, and testing. More than 25 states will be involved in the engine production for the LMXT alone.


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The GE CF6 engine was chosen for the LMXT for its performance, dependability, and durability. The CF6-80E1 type, which was created expressly for the A330, offers significant technological improvements over earlier CF6 engines, including approximately 70,000 pounds of thrust and 15% better fuel efficiency.


The announcement follows a competitive selection process focused on delivering a best-value solution to the U.S. Air Force. In selecting an engine that is already in use on multiple U.S. Air Force platforms, the LMXT aligns with a common supply chain and existing knowledge base that can translate to increased mission readiness rates.

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The LMXT strategic tanker is the optimal aircraft for GE’s CF6-80E1 engine. Developed exclusively for the A330, the unmatched CF6 engine offers a combination of outstanding reliability, durability, and time on wing, all of which are critical requirements for a military tanker.

A fully authorised automatic air-to-air refuelling (A3R) boom, an Enhanced Vision System, and an integrated JADC2 suite are critical differentiators in operational theatres like the Indo-Pacific and are included in the LMXT, which is based on the combat-proven design of the MRTT. For the time being, the MRTT refuels fighter, transport, and marine patrol aircraft for the United States and its allies as it serves as the preferred strategic tanker for 14 countries worldwide.