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Japan Airlines Tells Passengers It’s Unethical To Eat On Board

Japan Airlines Set To Fly Airbus A321P2F In Spring 2024

Customers flying with Japan Airlines have the option of skipping meals, which the airline frames as a “ethical” option.

Japan Airlines Set To Fly Airbus A321P2F In Spring 2024(Opens in a new browser tab)

One passenger posted an email they got from the airline inviting them to skip their meal so they could get a restful night’s sleep on the flight. “JAL Ethical Choice MealSkip Option,” it said, “is a new option that we would like to offer to you. You can cancel your meals while reservation to enjoy your sleep during the flight.”


The email featured a link to a page on the Japan Airlines website that advised customers to select “No Meal” in advance if they wanted to “have a decent rest on the flight or if you would want to help us reduce food waste.”

With some specific exceptions, JAL will now offer the service for the first main meal on all of its international routes after testing it out at the end of 2020 on the overnight Bangkok to Tokyo Haneda trip.

one user (Tw : @Gabriella) wrote: “I quite like the idea of having the option to eliminate waste. If I know I’m eating onboard, I don’t eat in the airport, but if I can opt-out on board and am departing from an airport with good food, I’d probably eat there and sleep more! ”

JAL will donate “a specific sum” to the TABLE FOR TWO Program, which manages school lunch programs for kids in underdeveloped nations, for each customer who chooses this service. The choice must be chosen 25 hours before the scheduled departure time of the overseas flight, just like any special meal order. If you skipped your main meal but were still peckish, you could still get other drinks and snacks if you asked for them.

One more user (el mexicana) wrote: “If that’s the case, call me a very “unethical person”; precisely, the meal service is one of the reasons we choose business class, and a great portion of the fare we pay is because of that, we have flown JAL, Turkish Airlines, KAL and ANA Airlines. No way! ”

Some people, according to comments on Wayne Kwong’s tweet, think JAL’s new service is largely about raising profit rather than minimizing food waste. One individual said, “That seems more like shaming to save the airline money.” Another person commented, “More profit.”


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Etihad Airways Launches 8 New Destinations this month

Etihad Airways Launches 8 New Destinations this month

Etihad Airways, the UAE’s national airline, is embarking on a significant network expansion this June with the introduction of flights to eight new destinations.

Added Eight new destinations

This move increases their total summer season routes to 76, marking a milestone in their growth strategy. Antonoaldo Neves, CEO of Etihad Airways, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, emphasizing the airline’s commitment to enhancing connectivity.

New routes to Bali, Jaipur, and Al Qassim

“It is an exciting month for Etihad as we deliver on our plans to expand our network with eight additional locations,” Neves stated. Highlighting the popularity of new routes like Bali, Jaipur, and Al Qassim based on forward bookings, he noted the positive reception from passengers.

The airline has commenced operations to summer hotspots such as Nice on the French Riviera and Antalya on the Turkish Riviera, as well as resumed services to Greek islands like Mykonos and Santorini. Earlier in June, Etihad reintroduced flights to Málaga, a favored Spanish holiday destination.

This week, Etihad launched direct services to Jaipur, renowned for its vibrant culture and status as a key tourist destination in Rajasthan, India. This marks Etihad’s 11th gateway into India, aiming to strengthen connectivity and convenience for travelers from the UAE, Europe, North America, and the GCC.

Etihad’s four-times-weekly flights to Bali offer travelers an opportunity to experience the island’s tropical paradise. Visitors can indulge in its pristine beaches, lush green rice fields, and rich local culture, providing an ideal blend of relaxation and exploration.

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India Rejects China’s Request to Restart Passenger Flights

India Rejects China's Request to Restart Passenger Flights

China is urging India to restart direct passenger flights after a four-year hiatus, but New Delhi is holding back as border disputes continue to strain relations between the two populous nations, officials report.

New Delhi resists due to ongoing border disputes

Tensions between India and China have remained high since a major military confrontation in the disputed Himalayan border region in June 2020, which resulted in the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers and at least four Chinese soldiers. Thousands of troops are still stationed on both sides of the border.

Cargo flights between the countries continue

Following the clash, India has taken steps to limit Chinese investments, banned numerous Chinese apps, and halted direct passenger flights, though cargo flights between the countries have continued.

While the resumption of direct flights would economically benefit both nations, China stands to gain more given its lagging recovery in overseas travel post-COVID-19, in contrast to India’s booming aviation sector.

“We hope the Indian side will work with China in the same direction for the early resumption of direct flights,” China’s Foreign Ministry stated to Reuters last week, emphasizing that such a move would be mutually beneficial.

However, a senior Indian official involved in bilateral developments with China remarked on Beijing’s push to resume flights, stating, “Unless there is peace and tranquillity on the border, the rest of the relationship cannot move forward.”

Discussions are ongoing between Indian airlines and New Delhi, as well as between Chinese carriers and their government, regarding the potential resumption of direct routes.

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SAS inagurates new route to Atlanta from Copenhagen

SAS inagurates new route to Atlanta from Copenhagen

To meet the growing demand for travel to and from Scandinavia and the United States, SAS is expanding its North American network by adding a ninth destination.

SAS begins new nonstop Atlanta route

Starting on June 17th, SAS will offer daily nonstop flights from Copenhagen to Atlanta, providing customers with a new direct route to the U.S.

Atlanta is a city worth visiting, offering something for everyone with its rich cultural experiences, historic landmarks, diverse culinary scene, and thriving sports scene. Handling nearly 104 million passengers in 2023, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world’s busiest and most efficient airport.

On September 1, 2024, SAS will join SkyTeam. With Atlanta serving as a major hub for the SkyTeam member, Delta Air Lines, SAS customers will benefit from seamless access to the extensive SkyTeam network.

This network includes over 1,060 destinations across all member airlines. SAS has already started integrating Delta Air Lines flights into its itineraries, providing customers with increased connectivity options.

SAS will operate the route with both Airbus A330 as well as A350 aircraft. Both aircraft types offer three travel classes – SAS Business, SAS Plus, and SAS Go.

Five facts about Atlanta:

  1. It’s the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr.
  2. Atlanta is a hub for the Black queer community and has been for at least two decades.
  3. Coca-Cola was invented and founded in Atlanta.
  4. Atlanta is one of the few cities that has a professional team for baseball, American football, soccer, and basketball.
  5. The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport houses rotating and permanent art exhibits.The initiative to display artworks at the airport originated in 1979.
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