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Interesting facts about Airbus A350

Interesting facts about A350

• The wing span was chosen to maximize fuel efficiency.
The A350’s 64.75-meter wing span was created using nature’s flawless understanding of aerodynamics to maximize lift and minimize drag, thus reducing fuel consumption and CO2

• Enhanced capabilities
With a versatile cabin that adapts to any season, the A350 Aircraft provides more capacity, range, and cargo than any other big widebody family.


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• Sophisticated lightweight materials and reduced cost of maintenance
The A350 Family is made up of 70% modern materials, resulting in the lowest OWE per seat. Corrosion is eliminated throughout 70% of the airframe due to the significant use of composite materials and titanium, which, along with fatigue-free carbon-fiber based structures, reduces maintenance tasks.


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• Long-distance leader in the air
A350s are capable of flying on any sector, from short-haul to ultra-long-haul flights of up to 9,700nm, transporting 300-410 passengers in three-class configurations and up to 480 passengers in single-class configurations.


With over seventy million hours of Trent family in-service experience and unparalleled on-wing reliability, the Trent XWB design has produced the world’s most efficient large aero engine flying today.