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How to get admission in Emirates Aviation university ? Fees, Courses and durations.

How to get admission to Emirates Aviation university? Fees, Courses, and durations.

How to get admission in Emirates Aviation university ? Fees, Courses and durations.

The aviation industry is an extremely specialised industry and one of the most dynamic and competitive global industries. It is currently the most important means of transportation in the travel sector. however, a lot of people wish to work in airport management. Due to the limitation on the quality of education, it is in demand everywhere.

The most well-known airline in the world and among the top 10 finest airlines in the world when it comes to the Middle East is undoubtedly Emirates. Of course, its personnel deserve all the credit for consistently performing their jobs to a high quality. Companies’ policies and educational advice to employees are heavily prioritized in order to obtain such quality work. So, Dubai, Emirates has established its own university.

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Due to the standards and efforts, the corporate foundation upholds the Emirates name throughout the world. Emirates University was founded in early 1991, but it only began to gain notoriety in 2016 and importance when Emirates Airlines implemented flying training education as the first-course requirement. Gradually, they began to create short-term courses, graduate and post-graduate degrees, and diplomas.


Due to the demand, they take into consideration both the merit-based and regular admissions policies for the numerous students from various nations who are enrolled in this university. In this article, we’ll go over how to get accepted to Emirates University.

We’ll start the process by going step by step.

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  • Apply online

You must only apply on the Emirates University website to be considered for admission here. Once the institution receives the documents, the procedure is channelled, and once it has been checked, you will be notified within four weeks or longer of the application.

  • Admission Guidelines

You want to apply to the study programmes offered by EAU. Which programme, though, is ideal for you? according to where you are now at in your academic or professional career.

If you’re just getting started, have a look at the Foundation and Diploma programmes. These will provide you with a solid foundation in the area of specialisation you have selected and get you ready for future academic study or entry-level work in the industry. Prospective overseas students will have the option of enrolling completely online, partially on-campus, or through blended learning as of January 2023.


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Do you think you need a graduate degree or a postgraduate degree? If so, you can apply in that section, and the following courses will accept you if you meet the minimum requirements.

  • Postgraduate Programmes: Internationally-recognised MBA, MSc and MA degrees
  • Engineering Programme: Specialised technical and aviation-focused engineering courses
  • Business Programmes: Choose a programme in aviation, logistics, or general management
  • Professional Training Courses: Licensed Flight Operations Management courses
  • Entry Requirement’s
  • Entrance prerequisites

Generally speaking, you must demonstrate a specific level of English proficiency (precise requirements vary depending on the course) and give proof of your prior academic achievement. Additionally, additional qualifications or licences may be required for some advanced and professional-level courses.

After choosing a programme, confirming that you meet the entry requirements, and gathering your supporting papers, you can submit an online application.

Give the online application form your complete details. Your application form’s mistakes or omissions will be enough to cause it to be rejected or terminated.


The Admissions Office will send you a conditional letter of acceptance if the credentials mentioned in your online application fulfil the entry requirements of the chosen programme.

The offer letter of acceptance only covers the semester for which it was asked (Full-Time Programmes) Modular, part-time, and postgraduate programmes, unless otherwise specified, are valid for six months after the date of issuance.

  • Fees & payments

The starting price for a postgraduate programme ranges from 26,390 to 35,000 USD. And the price range for an undergraduate programme is between 21,350 and 23,280 USD. While the starting price for a degree programme in the UK will range from 25,540 to 17,027 USD. Whereas for online interactive programme and Diploma foundation programme it will cost 13,513 USD.

  • Registration and Tuition fees

Once admitted to a programme at EAU, a non-refundable registration fee in addition to the tuition fee. The programmes where these fees will be charged are listed under “Fees Overview.”

The tuition fee for undergraduate programme students covers the cost of registering for a minimum of five courses, or 15 credit hours. Students who plan to register for more than 15 credit hours must pay an additional tuition fee per credit hour. The cost of tuition for summer courses is also determined by the number of credit hours.

Several scholarships, study packages, and discounts are available to students at Emirates Aviation University.

  • Visa Formalities

All full-time students must have a current UAE residence visa on them at all times while they are enrolled at Emirates Aviation University. If all registration requirements are satisfied and the course fee is paid, we can help our students obtain a UAE residence visa through our university’s sponsorship programme.

To get more information you can visit Emirates Aviation University’s website: Click here.

Emirates Flight Training Academy

Emirates also provides a flight school where you may learn how to fly an aircraft for specific fees and if you meet the requirements, you can join.

One of the most coveted flight training schools in the world is EFTA. For new admissions, there are just a few spaces available, so please think about the following criteria before you apply.

  • You must be healthy, at least 160 cm tall, and between the ages of 17 and 26.
  • You must have successfully completed high school and have earned passing grades in English, Math, and Physics.
  • Your level of English language competence must be at least TOEFL 510, 5.5 for IELTS, or 65 for the iBT.

Only cadets at the Emirates Flight Training Academy engage in flight training, which is a regular aspect of life at the Academy. This implies that you will have the chance to acquire a full operating experience in a single integrated environment.

There are 22 Cirrus SR22 G6 aircraft in the fleet of the Emirates Flight Training Academy. five Phenom 100EV Embraer aircraft. You will complete all of your in-flight training on the Academy’s 1,800-meter runway, which is one of its distinctive features. The Academy’s main building houses more than 100 instructor workstations. The location of the instructors, who each have a desk designated to them, is here. There are separate lounge and pantry spaces for each station.

The Flying Academy can accommodate up to 600 trainees at a time. With a fleet of 27 aircraft, an ATC tower, and 300+ hours of flight time, it is specifically designed to teach cadets for the Emirates.
Emirates Flight Training Academy provides a complete integration of flight training, ground school, accommodation and recreation under one roof, combining cutting-edge learning technologies and a modern fleet of training aircraft to train cadets with the goal of qualifying pilots for the future requirement of the airline industry.

Furthermore, there is a 99% possibility that you will be hired by certain airlines and find work there as well. Emirates offers numerous opportunities for aspiring pilots to receive training at its state-of-the-art facilities with all the amenities. You can apply at the following link if you believe you are prepared to be a pilot. Share this article with others if you find it to be helpful.

To apply for Flying training you should check this link: Click here



Air India Rolls Out A350s for Delhi-New York JFK and Newark Routes

Air India Rolls Out A350s for Delhi-New York JFK and Newark Routes

In a major development for North American travelers, Air India has announced the deployment of its state-of-the-art Airbus A350-900 aircraft on two key routes: Delhi to New York and Delhi to Newark.

The service on the Delhi-New York route will commence on November 1, 2024, while the Delhi-Newark route will see its inaugural flight on January 2, 2025.

The introduction of the air india a350 will bring significant enhancements to Air India’s offerings, particularly with the launch of its Premium Economy class. air india retrofit This new class will feature 24 wide seats arranged in a 2-4-2 configuration, providing passengers with extra legroom and a more comfortable flying experience.

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“We are encouraged by the positive guest feedback we have received from the domestic deployment of our air india a350 interior to offer our hero product on the Delhi-New York JFK and Delhi-Newark routes. This is a significant leap forward for our U.S. operations that also underscores our commitment to continuous improvement,” said Campbell Wilson, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Air India.


The A350’s Business class will set new standards with 28 private suites, each equipped with full-flat beds, direct aisle access, and personal wardrobes. Economy class will be configured to accommodate 264 passengers in a 3-4-3 layout. Across all cabins, passengers will enjoy the latest Panasonic eX3 in-flight entertainment system, offering over 2,200 hours of content.

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This strategic deployment marks a notable enhancement in Air India’s U.S. operations, with 60% of its flights to the U.S. now featuring new or upgraded cabin interiors. The air india new international routes currently operates 51 weekly flights to five U.S. destinations: New York JFK, Newark, Washington DC, Chicago, and San Francisco.

The revamped cabins, advanced in-flight entertainment systems, and improved service standards represent air india wifi commitment to providing a superior travel experience. “We believe this enhanced offering will solidify Air India’s position as a leading carrier and attract travellers seeking a world-class flying experience between India and the United States,” the airline stated.

Seats on these flights are now available for booking on Air India’s website, mobile app, and through travel agents, ensuring that passengers can easily plan their journeys on these newly upgraded routes.


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