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Finnair is the cleanest airline in the world according to new study .!

Finnair’s first A350 XWB makes its maiden flight

The study was conducted by Dr Frederik Dahlmann, an assistant professor of global energy at Warwick Business School, using data recorded between 2007 and 2014 as part of the Carbon Disclosure Project.

  • Seven-year study finds most airlines greenhouse gas emission are growing
  • Finnair has the smallest carbon footprint out of 20 major airlines
  • US carriers American Airlines, US Airways and Delta biggest polluters
  • Call for more transparency from airlines to study greenhouse gas emissions

Finland’s Finnair and TAP Portugal have emerged as the two least polluting carriers in a study of 20 of the world’s biggest airlines.

A study of the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the airline industry from 2007 to 2014 revealed none are showing a significant reduction over the seven years for those that provided the data.


In the study Finnair had the smallest carbon footprint in 2014, with TAP Portugal and Virgin Australia in the top three least polluting airlines, while American Airlines, following its merger with US Airways in 2013, had the largest footprint in the study with fellow US carriers Delta and United Airlines also large polluters in this sample.

Frederik Dahlmann, of Warwick Business School who conducted the study, said: “Finnair perform best due to the age and type of its planes, the routes it flies and the overall number of connections it offers. Plus it is probably among the most advanced when it comes to accounting for and managing its emissions over time.


Airlines pollution

“The data demonstrates that for most airlines emissions are either growing or stagnant, none are showing a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

“This is despite many airlines introducing modern and more efficient planes to their fleet. The increasing number of flights, which is set to double by 2030, means cutting emissions is a real problem.


“Releasing details about carbon footprints is entirely voluntary, there is no obligation for airlines to disclose this data, so we have only been able to collect data for 20 major airlines. There are more than 200 international airline companies, but many would not provide the data.

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