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FAA orders suspension of all Boeing 737-9 Max

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Following a recent alarming incident on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 to Ontario, California, the FAA has issued a directive to temporarily suspend all Boeing Max airplanes. This decision specifically targets Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft used by U.S. airlines or operating within the United States.

FAA statement 9th Jan 2023

Every Boeing 737-9 Max equipped with a plug door will stay out of operation until the FAA ensures their safe return to service. To initiate this process, Boeing is required to furnish operators with instructions for inspections and maintenance. Although Boeing initially provided a set of instructions, they are currently revising it based on received feedback. Upon receiving the updated instructions from Boeing, the FAA will conduct a thorough review.


The primary factor determining the timeline for the Boeing 737-9 Max’s return to service is the safety of the flying public, prioritizing caution over speed.

The FAA has endorsed a compliance method for the Boeing 737-9 emergency airworthiness directive, and this information has been communicated to the affected operators.


FAA statement 8th Jan 2023

Ensuring the safety of the public is of utmost importance to the FAA. Consequently, Boeing 737-9 aircraft will remain grounded until operators successfully conduct enhanced inspections, covering both left and right cabin door exit plugs, door components, and fasteners. Additionally, operators must fulfill corrective action requirements based on inspection findings before reintroducing any aircraft into service.

The FAA will continue to actively support the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation into Alaska Airlines Flight 1282. The NTSB is leading the investigation and will provide any necessary updates.