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easyJet pilot asks 20 passengers to get off due to overweight and short runway

Easyjet asked passengers to get off the plane as it was too heavy for take-off

20 passengers were asked to leave the airplane by the captain of #easyJet since it was overweight and could not take off from Lanzarote because of the wind and warm weather. The Lanzarote-Liverpool flight was delayed by roughly two hours.


Plots say That heavy aircraft combined with a fairly short runway here in Lanzarote. and some winds that aren’t completely favorable at the moment. mean that with the current environmental conditions here in Lanzarote. the aircraft is too heavy at the moment to depart. now I have been sitting with Tom senior first officer in the flight deck. We are experienced with this We have done this before. but we have been doing our very best to make an attempt as safely.

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Obiulsy safe to be on the no 1 priority safely as possible. and there is no way with the current wind conditions. the environmental conditions here in Lanzarote. Uh that we can make this aircraft get airborne at the moment. As I say a combination of factors. it’s very hot it doesn’t help. the wind is fantastic the direction is not great. that is not helping either. now you might be wondering what’s next, and that’s what I’ve come here to say, I’ve spoken to our operations team at easy jet. Of course, the one way to solve a problem with a heavy aircraft is to make it slightly lighter.

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if possible I’d like to ask for up to 20 volunteers to choose not to fly to Liverpool tonight if anybody does want to do that if anybody does want to volunteer there will be of course an incentive for you to do that I know something that will be able to let you know about the current uh number that we’ve been approached by easy jet is that there are ways to offer up to 500 Euros, per passengers that are willing to not fly tonight. I appreciate you may on lots of questions but that’s it for now.

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The wind and warm weather at the runway can sometimes make it difficult for airplanes to take off, causing the runway to roll more violently. and another airplane may have difficulty taking off if it is carrying a¬†heavier payload. It’s a brilliant strategy to encourage passengers to leave the aircraft rather than jeopardize numerous lives inside.

Well, some passengers appreciated suggestions, and others asked why they shouldn’t unload bags rather than passengers. The 19 passengers getting off the plane have been the subject of reports so far.


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