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The cargo loader ‘falls asleep’ on an IndiGo flight en route to Abu Dhabi,

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The cargo loader ‘falls asleep’ on an IndiGo flight en route to Abu Dhabi, prompting the DGCA to launch an investigation.

According to sources, a Mumbai airport cargo loader “fell asleep” within the stomach cargo space of an IndiGo plane flying to Abu Dhabi. The DGCA, the aviation security regulator, has taken note of the incident and launched an investigation into it. On the return leg of the flight, the loader was reintroduced to India.


An IndiGo spokesperson stated in a press release, “We are aware of the incident and have informed the appropriate authorities.” “The matter is under investigation.”

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“On Sunday, an IndiGo A320 aircraft was scheduled to operate as flight 6E-1835,” said DGCA Director-General Arun Kumar (Mumbai to Abu Dhabi). Following the loading of baggage into the aircraft, one of the loaders on board relaxed in baggage compartment 1 and fell asleep behind the baggage. After the hold staff completed the head count, the cargo door was closed. As the plane took off from Mumbai airport, the loader awoke. This was discovered in Abu Dhabi, and the loader was subjected to a medical examination by Abu Dhabi authorities. His physical condition was found to be stable and normal during the examination. He was sent back to Mumbai as a passenger on the return flight after obtaining the necessary clearances from local authorities in Abu Dhabi.”

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