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Boeing engineer Joe Sutter, the ‘Father of the 747,’ dies at the age of 95

Boeing engineer.

EVERETT — Joe Sutter, known as the “Father of the 747,” a plane often called the “Queen of the Skies,” died Tuesday.
He was 95. His death was announced by Ray Conner, Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and chief executive officer.
In a message sent Tuesday afternoon to all Boeing employees, Conner said: “We lost one of the giants of aerospace and a beloved member of the Boeing family.
“Joe was loved. He made a difference in the world. He made a difference to us. We will miss him and cherish our time with him.”

The 747, with its characteristic hump, might be the world’s most iconic jetliner. It revolutionized long-haul flying, connecting far-flung destinations with one flight. The fact the 747 required an enormous new factory brought Boeing to Everett.
Everett workers have produced more than 1,500 747s since production began in 1967. An estimated 3.5 billion passengers have flown on 747s.

“Joe lived an amazing life and was an inspiration — not just to those of us at Boeing, but to the entire aerospace industry,” Conner’s statement said. “He personified the ingenuity and passion for excellence that made Boeing airplanes synonymous with quality the world over.”
Sutter led the engineering team that developed the 747 in the mid-1960s. Conner said that Sutter’s team, along with thousands of Boeing employees, became known as The Incredibles. They produced what was then the world’s largest airplane in record time — 29 months from conception to rollout.

“It remains a staggering achievement and a testament to Joe’s incredible determination,” Conner said.
Sutter remained active in the company after he retired, serving as a consultant to the Commercial Airplanes Senior Advisory Group. Conner said he was a familiar sight to many people working at the company. “His hair was white and he moved a little slower, but he always had a twinkle in his eye, a sharp mind and an unwavering devotion to aerospace innovation and The Boeing Company,” Conner said.


Sutter helped celebrate the company’s centennial at the Founders Day weekend last month.
In a 2014 interview in The Herald, Sutter said, “We knew we designed a good airplane because we listened to what the customer said they wanted.
“When you see a 747 taking off from Seattle to go to London with 350 people on it, or see a freighter carrying relief supplies halfway around the world after a typhoon, you know you’ve done some good for the world,” Sutter said.

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These are the Top 10 best US airlines of 2024

These are the Top 10 best US airlines of 2024

In an era where air travel plays an integral role in connecting people and places, the quality of airline service can significantly impact travelers’ experiences.

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of aviation, insights into the performance and reliability of different carriers become invaluable. Enter WalletHub’s comprehensive analysis, offering a glimpse into the 10 best US airlines of 2024. Join us as we embark on a journey through the clouds, exploring the top performers.

Best airlines of 2024

  1. Alaska Airlines (68.07 out of 100): Anchoring the list is Alaska Airlines, celebrated for its consistency and customer satisfaction. With a score of 68.07, Alaska Airlines sets the standard for excellence in the skies.
  2. SkyWest Airlines (65.96): Following closely behind is SkyWest Airlines, recognized for its operational prowess and reliability. With a score of 65.96, SkyWest secures its position among the elite.
  3. Spirit Airlines (65.69): Surging into third place is Spirit Airlines, renowned for its affordability and expansive route network. Despite its low-cost model, Spirit Airlines earns acclaim with a score of 65.69.
  4. Delta Air Lines (61.56): A stalwart of the industry, Delta Air Lines maintains its reputation for superior service and efficiency. With a score of 61.56, Delta continues to soar above the competition.
  5. United Airlines (51.96): United Airlines occupies the middle ground, offering a balance of convenience and comfort to travelers. With a score of 51.96, United remains a dependable choice for domestic and international flights.
  6. JetBlue Airways (51.6): JetBlue Airways, known for its focus on customer experience and amenities, secures its place in the top 10 with a score of 51.6.
  7. Hawaiian Airlines (48.3): Transporting passengers, Hawaiian Airlines earns accolades for its hospitality and island-inspired service. With a score of 48.3, Hawaiian Airlines embodies the spirit of aloha.
  8. American Airlines (46.52): Despite facing challenges, American Airlines maintains its presence among the top performers with a score of 46.52, showcasing resilience in the competitive aviation landscape.
  9. Frontier Airlines (43.57): Frontier Airlines offers budget-conscious travelers a gateway to the skies with its affordable fares and diverse destinations. With a score of 43.57, Frontier Airlines secures its place in the top 10.
  10. Southwest Airlines (36.03): Rounding out the list is Southwest Airlines, renowned for its no-frills approach and extensive route network. With a score of 36.03, Southwest Airlines remains a popular choice for travelers seeking simplicity and value.
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