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Boeing to build its next airplane in ‘metaverse’

This Cargo company has placed a new order for 10 Boeing 777-8 aircraft.

Mark Zuckerberg wants the metaverse, Facebook is likely to have a role in it, and Boeing is interested. By doing so in the metaverse, the beleaguered aircraft company seeks to enhance its design process. Of course, it’s unclear exactly what it entails.

The metaverse is the next step in the growth of the internet. It would include virtual and augmented reality content that interacts with the actual world in ways that present systems can only hint at. Others see it as a method for Facebook to collect and profit from even more of our personal information. The metaverse could be a method for Boeing to overcome major design challenges. More than seven out of ten quality concerns, according to Boeing’s top engineer, Greg Hyslop, may be traced back to a design flaw. Boeing’s engineering errors have claimed lives in recent years, so simply calling them “quality issues” isn’t enough.


3-D engineering designs operate with robots that talk to each other in the Boeing company’s future aircraft production. Simultaneously, mechanics from all around the world will be connected via Microsoft headsets, which enable a mixed reality experience.

Boeing’s approach intends to bring together design, production, and airline services activities into a unified digital manufacturing system. According to the company, it will be implemented in the following two years.