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Boeing, Atlas Air Celebrate Delivery of Final 747, an Airplane that Transformed Aviation and Global Air Travel

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EVERETT, Wash.Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Atlas Air Worldwide [Nasdaq: AAWW] joined thousands of people – including current and former employees as well as customers and suppliers – to celebrate the delivery of the final 747 to Atlas, bringing to a close more than a half-century of production.

Boeing employees who designed and built the first 747, known as the “Incredibles,” returned to be honored at the Everett factory where the journey of the 747 began in 1967. The factory produced 1,574 airplanes over the life of the program.



Boeing engineer.

“This monumental day is a testament to the generations of Boeing employees who brought to life the airplane that ‘shrank the world,’ and revolutionized travel and air cargo as the first widebody,” said Stan Deal, president, and chief executive officer of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “It is fitting to deliver this final 747-8 Freighter to the largest operator of the 747, Atlas Air, where the ‘Queen’ will continue to inspire and empower innovation in air cargo.”

  1. Largest commercial aircraft: The 747 was the largest commercial aircraft when it was first introduced in 1970, and its size has been surpassed only by the Airbus A380.
  2. Longest production run: The 747 had the longest production run of any commercial airliner, with continuous production from 1968 to 2021.
  3. Most units produced: The 747 is the most-produced wide-body airliner in history, with over 1,500 units produced.
  4. Fastest transatlantic crossing: The 747 set a record for the fastest transatlantic crossing by a commercial airliner, completing the journey in just under 4 hours.
  5. Most passengers carried: The 747 has carried more passengers than any other commercial airliner, with over 5 billion people flown on the aircraft.
  6. Most cargoes carried: The 747 is also the most widely used cargo aircraft in the world, having carried more cargo than any other aircraft.
  7. Longest-range commercial airliner: The 747-8, the latest version of the 747, is capable of flying non-stop for over 8,000 nautical miles, making it the longest-range commercial airliner in the world.
  8. Most fuel-efficient wide-body airliner: The 747-8 is also one of the most fuel-efficient wide-body airliners, with fuel consumption that is significantly lower than its predecessors.
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“We are honored to continue our long history of flying this iconic aircraft for our customers around the world,” said John Dietrich, president, and chief executive officer, Atlas Air Worldwide. “Atlas Air was founded over 30 years ago with a single 747-200 converted freighter, and since then, we have spanned the globe operating nearly every fleet type of the 747, including the Dreamlifter, Boeing’s 747 Large Cargo Freighter, for the transport of 787 Dreamliner parts. We are grateful to Boeing for their shared commitment to safety, quality, innovation, and the environment, and for their partnership to ensure the continued success of the 747 programs as we operate the aircraft for decades to come.”

As the first twin-aisle airplane and “jumbo jet,” the “Queen of the Skies” enabled airlines to connect people across vast distances and provide non-stop trans-oceanic flights. Its development solidified Boeing’s role as an industry leader in commercial aviation. The airplane’s core design with its distinctive hump and seating in the upper deck has delighted generations of passengers and operators alike. Boeing continued to improve on the original design with models like the 747-400 in 1988 and the final 747-8 model that was launched in 2005; across all the models, the jet has delivered unmatched operating economics and efficiency to travel and air cargo markets.


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