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World’s best private jet? The Boeing 787 that’s an airborne apartment.

Boeing 787

Ordinarily Boeing 787 Dreamliners serve as commercial aircraft that carry between 240 and 335 passengers, but in a world first one of the planes has been transformed into a 40-passenger private jet so spacious and well-equipped that it resembles an airborne penthouse apartment.

Developed by Kestrel Aviation Management, an American aviation asset manager that specialises in airliner and corporate aircraft acquisition, sale, modification and financing, this one-of-a-kind Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) has been dubbed the Dreamjet. The privileged few who get to step aboard can expect an in-flight experience worlds away from that offered on a typical Boeing


With its interiors co-developed by yacht and aircraft design specialists Pierrejean Design, the plane is intended to serve as a sanctuary – particular attention was given to how the space would stimulate each of the senses. To ensure passengers’ senses of smell and taste weren’t unduly challenged, the team considered air distribution and filtration and segregated zones with hard and soft barriers; for touch, innovative, tactile materials were used to create a “luxuriously organic” setting finished with flowing lines and the absence of sharp edges.

Features aboard include high domed ceilings, hardwood floors, sculptured hardwood doors and hand-tufted carpets with silk accents. Tablets control lighting, video monitors, audio, window shades and flight-attendant requests. Among the segregated zones on board will be an entertainment and study lounge  that accommodates 16, dedicated dining spaces, en suite master bedroom with 42-inch television, dressing room and a vast hotel suite-quality bathroom with shower.


Though the company is unable to reveal the individual who commissioned the BBJ, it was purchased by an Asian client and has been in development since 2009. Kestrel worked directly with Boeing on the project from 2011 and 2013 and the plane was unveiled at this year’s European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Geneva. The aircraft has a 9,800 nautical mile range and can fly for over 17 hours non-stop.

Courtesy : Kestrel Aviation Management and The telegraph.


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