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Argentina is wrapping up the purchase of the LCH Prachand Helicopter and the Indian-built Tejas Mark 1 fighter.

Argentina asked India to remove the uk parts from Tejas

Argentina is apparently looking at acquiring advanced military equipment from India in order to strengthen its defense capabilities. According to a report, Argentina is planning to buy Prachanda helicopters and Tejas Mark 1A fighter jets. 

Jorge Taiana, the defense minister of Argentina, will speak with Rajnath Singh, the defense minister of India, in a bilateral meeting on July 18 to discuss ways to strengthen defense and collaboration during his visit to India. Additionally, a letter of intent to buy 20 “Prachand” helicopters is anticipated to be inked. A deal worth Rs 8675 crore could possibly be reached with India for the fourth-generation fighter aircraft Tejas Mark-1A and LCH Prachanda.


India’s first indigenous multi-role combat helicopter, the LCH Prachand, is capable of both aerial and ground attacks. The helicopter has a top speed of 288 mph, a combat radius of 500 km, and a service ceiling of 21,000 feet. Prachanda helicopters, known for their versatility and reliability, have gained international acclaim for their outstanding performance in challenging environments. These multi-role helicopters can be deployed for a wide range of missions, including troop transport, search and rescue operations, and anti-submarine warfare.

Additionally, Argentina needs 12 light combat aircraft, for which China and HAL have both offered letters of intent. This deal was expected to put Tejas against the Chinese JF-17, although HAL has made substantial progress in this area. Earlier, Argentina’s Defence Minister and Air Force Chief had expressed their desire to buy this Tejas aircraft in Aero India 2023. Tejas, a Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) made in India, is quickly becoming the first choice of several countries.


Tejas Mark 1A fighter jet is India’s indigenously developed state-of-the-art aircraft, widely acknowledged for its cutting-edge technology and exceptional combat capabilities. The lightweight, supersonic fighter jet boasts advanced avionics, smart weapons systems, and superior maneuverability, making it an ideal choice for modern air-to-air and air-to-ground engagements. By incorporating the Tejas Mark 1A into its air force, Argentina aims to strengthen its aerial defense and gain a competitive edge in the region.

Argentina’s decision to buy Tejas Mark 1A fighter planes and Prachanda helicopters comes at a crucial point as it works to solve security issues in the area and strengthen its position in the defense industry. The purchase of these cutting-edge aircraft represents a major advancement in the nation’s attempts to improve its military capabilities and keep a strong defense position.