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Airbus and BMW Group launch Quantum Mobility Quest

Airbus and BMW Group launch Quantum Computing Competition

Airbus and BMW Group have joined forces to initiate a groundbreaking global Quantum Computing Challenge named “The Quantum Mobility Quest.” This unprecedented collaboration aims to address longstanding challenges in aviation and automotive industries that traditional computers have been unable to overcome.

Marking a historic milestone, this challenge represents the inaugural endeavor of its kind, uniting two major players in their respective industries to leverage quantum technologies for tangible industrial applications. The objective is to unlock possibilities that can lead to the development of more efficient, sustainable, and secure solutions, shaping the future of transportation.


Even the most advanced computers available today cannot perform some of the most complex operations. However, quantum computing has the potential to greatly increase computational power. This cutting-edge technology may be especially important in modelling different industrial and operational processes for data-driven industries such as transportation, providing avenues to influence the development of future mobility goods and services.

Prospective challengers are requested to choose one or more of the following problem statements: enhanced corrosion inhibition with quantum simulation, future automated mobility with quantum machine learning, more sustainable supply chain with quantum optimisation, and improved aerodynamics design with quantum solvers. Besides, applicants may submit their own quantum technologies, which could be used to create native applications in the transportation industry that yet to be explored in the transportation sector.


By the end of 2024, a jury made up of top quantum experts from around the world will review the submitted proposals in collaboration with experts from Airbus, BMW Group, and AWS. The winning team in each of the five challenges will receive a €30,000 prize.

Registration opens today, and submissions will be accepted from mid-January through April 30, 2024 here: