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Air Traffic Controller suspended over Facebook post. 

Air Traffic Controller

AN Air Traffic Controller is facing mental and physical anguish after being suspended without pay over a Facebook conversation among colleagues “about matters at work”.
This according to Christopher Joefield, the First Vice President of the Public Services Association (PSA) who called a press conference in Port of Spain on Wednesday.
Joefield said the PSA had decided to file high court action against the Civil Aviation Authority of Trinidad and Tobago because of the alleged harassment, intimidation and victimisation of an air traffic controller whose name was given.
Joefield explained that the employee was a member of a secret Facebook group and he and his friends were engaging in a conversation about matters of work. Joefield said this information came to the attention of management of the Civil Aviation Authority.
Joefield said the CAA decided to take disciplinary action against the worker but what would have been discussed in that group…ought not to have led to any Tribunal.
He added “further, the procedural fairness showed a lot of bias on the part of the Civil Aviation Authority.”
Joefield criticized the CAA for hiring a Senior Counsel in the matter as an example of “management’s will to spare no expense to abuse their employees.”
“The employee was suspended for two weeks without pay.
Joefield said this led to stress on the part of the employee and as a result he had to undergo a number medical tests ” to ensure that his health is not compromised by the actions of his employer”.
The Express contacted the CAA in an attempt to get its side of the story and a message was left with the Authority’s Director General’s voicemail.

Courtesy : Daily express