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Air Tanzania welcomes Africa’s 1st Brand-New Boeing 767 Freighter

Air Tanzania welcomes Africa's 1st Brand-New Boeing 767 Freighter

The first 767-300 Freighter for Air Tanzania has been delivered, and Boeing and the airline are celebrating. The aircraft has landed at the airline’s hub in Dar es Salaam, giving the operator dedicated air freight capacity to meet the needs of the expanding cargo sector in the nation. Additionally, this is the first direct delivery of a Boeing 767 Freighter to a carrier in Africa.

Air Tanzania will be able to accommodate time-sensitive freight schedules across Africa and beyond as a result of the 767-300 Freighter’s superior fuel efficiency, operating flexibility, and low noise levels. The 767-300 Freighter is the perfect aircraft for the expanding express cargo and e-commerce businesses, with a range of 3,255 nautical miles and a revenue payload of more than 52 tonnes.


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This is Air Tanzania’s first specifically designed freighter as the nation seeks to increase imports and exports of items that must be delivered on time, such as pharmaceuticals, perishable goods, and other goods.


“Air Tanzania will be able to significantly expand its current operations with the 767 Freighter with increased efficiency and network flexibility. “As the airline improves freight connectivity between Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, Air Tanzania’s freight customers now have a lot more options.

With a fleet that includes two 787-8 Dreamliners, Air Tanzania currently offers commercial service throughout Africa and to locations in Asia. Additionally, the airline has placed orders for two 737 MAX aircraft and one more 787-8.