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Air India’s Business Class Ranked Among World’s Worst

Air India's Business Class Ranked Among World's Worst

In a recent survey conducted by the UK-based agency Bounce, global airlines underwent a ranking based on crucial factors for business-class travelers. Tata-owned carrier Air India emerged with a score of 7.4 out of 10, securing the fourth position in the list of airlines with less favorable business-class offerings. The survey scrutinized aspects such as cabin and seat comfort, inflight service, entertainment, and amenities.

Air India’s business class faced notable criticism, particularly for its cabin seats, which received a score of 6/10. Other services, including in-flight entertainment, cuisine, airport experience, and beverages, were rated at 7/10. The airline is currently in the midst of a comprehensive upgrade across all aircraft types, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing the overall passenger experience and signaling a ‘work in progress’ initiative.


The top three airlines identified with the least favorable business-class offerings were EgyptAir (5.71), Copa Airlines (6.71), and Kuwait Airways (7). Air India’s fourth-place ranking highlighted areas for improvement, specifically focusing on cabin seat comfort.

On the flip side, the survey also acknowledged airlines and airports that excelled in providing superior business-class services. Singapore Airlines claimed the top spot with an impressive score of 9.57/10, followed by Qatar Airways (9.43) and Oman Air (9.29). These airlines were recognized for exceptional cabin comfort, inflight amenities, and overall service.


Shifting the focus to airports, London’s Heathrow Airport secured the top position with a score of 7.60/10 in the business class services category. Qatar’s Hamad International Airport claimed the second position with a score of 7.09, and Germany’s Munich Airport secured the third spot with a score of 6.99.

As Air India continues its commitment to upgrades and enhancements, the survey highlights areas for improvement within the airline’s business-class offerings. The contrast with top-ranking airlines and airports underscores the competitive landscape and the significance of delivering a superior business-class experience in the global aviation industry.


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